‘Wasn’t thrilled to train’: Virat Kohli explains why he needed a break from cricket

After India’s tour of England, star drummer Virat Kohli, going through an unprecedented dip in form, took a month-long break ahead of the Asian Cup, which kicked off on Saturday. Kohli is expected to return to the field when India play their first match of the tournament on Sunday against rivals Pakistan. Speaking ahead of the Asian Cup, Kohli spoke about his break and why it was important to him. The former India captain said his recent ‘phase’ was the first time he was not himself, something he says he has never done before.

“I was always a guy who followed his heart from day one. I was a guy who was considered brash and I wasn’t mature enough but I was true to myself. I never wanted and tried to be someone else who in this recent phase that i’ve been through i’ve tried to meet the demands and expectations i haven’t really fully felt my inner being, what this phase allowed me to do,” Kohli said in an exclusive chat with Star Sports.

“I felt like I wasn’t excited about training, I wasn’t excited about training and it really bothered me because that’s not who I am. and I literally need to get away from that environment,” he continued. to say.

“When you’re part of an environment, you don’t see these things. But it’s when you walk away that you notice it happening,” he explained.

“Okay, that’s what I have to do and it’s been an amazing break. I’ve never had this long break and the first thing I realized was that I woke up in the morning and that I was excited to go to the gym, which is not something like ‘oh, I have to follow this’ so that was my first note,” he said of his sabbatical leave.

“That’s my normal practice and that’s what everyone should realize and give themselves space to come to that conclusion and not keep running around like headless chickens and everywhere,” he said. for follow-up.

“You can tend to get carried away with so many demands these days, with such schedules piling up again and again,” Kohli said.


He went on to say that the burden of the busy schedule led to players opting out of a format or playing a reduced role.

“You’ve seen the results of what happened to Ben Stokes and Trent Boult, Moeen pulling out of Test cricket. They’re not anomalies but it happens and people who come into contact with them know what’s going on in their lives,” he said.

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