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Moscow has been rattled by EU plans to train Ukrainian troops, with an expert saying it could spark World War III.

The EU’s announcement that it may launch a major training operation for Ukrainian troops has sparked outrage in Moscow.

The bloc’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said the proposal would be discussed at a two-day meeting of EU defense ministers next week.

Higher School of Economics professor Leonid Polyakov said EU plans could increase the risk of World War III.

He said: “This is a rather alarming signal… The leaders of the European Union have decided that they must not be left behind and have also joined this dubious adventure, because, indeed, in this case, the he European Union can already be considered as one of the parties. in the conflict.

“This means that the risks of military confrontation between Russia and the member countries of the European Union are increasing, since many of them are members of NATO, and the military training of Ukrainian personnel means nothing more than indirect participation in hostilities.

“This is a very sad and alarming event. Sane politicians around the world, and especially the UN, will have to discuss the issue, and at least put it on the agenda, because every day it becomes increasingly clear that Western involvement in the conflict in Ukraine threatens to trigger a Third World War.

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