Trains are stopped as rescuers rescue terrified dog trapped near tracks

A frightened dog was hit by a car and then got stuck alongside train tracks as trains approached.

Frightened crossbreed Delilah fled from her owner after being startled by a bang designed to deter birds from farmland.

She was rescued in a dramatic RSPCA operation which brought Merseyrail trains to a standstill.

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Delilah fled owner Claire Fishlock, after she was caught walking in Pensby on Thursday.

The two-year-old was hit by a nearby car and kept running in panic.

She was spotted a few hours later by another walker – eight kilometers near Upton station.

The terrified dog was seen running towards a metal fence at the side of the track after a train honked.

Attempting to escape, Delilah was trying to poke her head through gaps in a metal fence, fearing she might get stuck or, if she recovered, be hit by a train.

The RSPCA have been informed of his fate and have launched an operation with the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.

Animal welfare officer Katie Glenn, one of those involved in the rescue effort, said: ‘I used my clamp and a leash to hold Delilah still so she wouldn’t rush into the track while the fire department went to get permission from Network Rail to allow us to close the line so we could reach the dog from a gate on the other side of the track.

“They closed the line and we were able to safely rescue Delilah who was clearly terrified.

“Luckily she had a collar with her owner’s mobile number so I called Claire to tell her we were rescuing her dog and she came to the scene.

“A team from Saughall Massie Fire Station and train workers were amazing in helping to save the pooch and it was a great team effort.

“I must admit I thought I had heard of bad weather delaying trains, but never a dog.

“It was so nice to see her reunited with her owner Claire, who was obviously worried when she ran away, and she kept running for five miles along the roads and the train tracks, so she was clearly terrified – he was truly a lucky dog.”

Delilah ended up near the train tracks after leaving her owner – Image: RSPCA

Speaking about the ordeal, Claire said: “Delilah is a Romanian rescue dog so she is nervous but we have been working on her recall and she is doing so well. This loud bird scarer made a huge bang, then she ran away.

“I then heard a thud and knew she had been cut off by a car so I went looking for her but to no avail and I was really upset thinking we wouldn’t see her again.

“Delilah still seems a bit shy after her ordeal but she is doing better. I quoted the Tom Jones song “Why, why, why Delilah! when I brought her home.

“She had a vet check and we think she just hit a car but was not seriously injured – she is really lucky to survive this whole ordeal.

‘I am so grateful for the team effort involved in rescuing Delilah – the RSPCA, Fire Brigade and Network Rail were fantastic and she is now getting lots of hugs at home.’

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