The whole ecosystem must mobilize on decarbonization, according to Maersk

Clerc said as part of its efforts to be completely carbon neutral by 2050, ships ordered by Maersk will need to at least be dual-fuel, and the company has already ordered its first ship that will run on methanol.

Maersk includes LNG in its list of carbon-based fuels and considers it a transitional fuel, Clerc said. The company sees methanol, which also contains carbon, as a better alternative to LNG, he added.

“I think the good news about that compared to when we do the when we did the [decarbonisation] pledge is that the solutions really exist. Green methanol or ammonia are solutions that exist today that are being used in other industries and could provide us with the path we need to completely decarbonize the supply chain, ”said Clerc.

The practical issues of adopting new fuels across the fleet include price, distribution and availability. “Because we operate a global network, we need to have many places where fuel is available in sufficient quantity,” Clerc said.

Clerc expects the price of new fuels to be an issue initially, but prices will then drop as production and availability improve.

“I think that’s where we need to work collaboratively with our clients to work on a transition. And we also need to engage the whole ecosystem to make sure we’re doing it not as a single company, but as an ecosystem as a whole, ”said Clerc.

Ditlev Blicher, Managing Director of Maersk Asia-Pacific, added that decades of strong manufacturing growth in Asia had had obvious environmental impacts in some regions; this has led to a rapid increase in support and awareness of environmental initiatives in the region.

“For example, we have launched very strongly and invested in rail solutions to take potential volumes of air freight and put them on rail from China and to Europe. I heard that we ran over 210 trains last year. And this is a product for us that is really accelerating. When we compare air freight to rail freight, the CO2 emissions per kilo or per container are significantly lower, ”said Blicher.

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