Students get a first glimpse of the replica of Locomotion # 1 after joining Darlington’s Head of Steam


The CHILDREN had the chance to get a first glimpse of a working replica of a historic engine before the reopening of a museum.

Students at Darlington’s Corporation Road School were the first to get a glimpse of the most recent exhibit at the city’s Head of Steam Museum.

The museum received the working replica of Locomotion No.1 last week and hopes it will attract visitors when it reopens later this month.

The replica of the engine will play a key role in the bicentennial celebrations of the opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway, as it is hoped that it will make the same trip over the Skerne Bridge as the original in 1825.

Work is being done on the engine, which was built to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the railway in 1975, to ensure it is in good working order.

It had been used at Beamish but has been kept at Locomotion, Shildon for the last few years.

It is now on display at Head of Steam as an alternative to the original locomotive, which was transferred to the Shildon Museum.

Marketing director Julian Cound, who has worked to promote Head of Steam, said: “The kids asked fabulous questions about who did it, how fast it can go and how many people can it carry and some of the ‘of them remember coming to see the original No. 1 locomotion. ”

He added: “There has been a lot of talk about the loss of Locomotion No 1, but now we have the best thing to do.

“In some ways it’s better because people will be able to see it work.

“There is quite a bit of work to be done to make it secure and run smoothly.”

Ten children from Corporation Road, all aged 10 or 11, had the chance to look at the engine and ask questions about its history.

Director Ann Pringleton said: “They had a great time.

“It’s really special for us because Locomotion No 1 is the logo of our school and it means something to them.

“They are full of questions and they really care.

“We will come back when the original locomotive returns. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until you lose it.”

She added: “Thank you to the museum for thinking about the school and shooting it down. It was nice to come out and listen to its story.”


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