RMT calls on UK politicians to delay easing Covid-19 measures

The National Union of Rail, Sea and Transport Workers (RMT) has called on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to protect transport workers by keeping certain Covid-19 restrictions on social contact in place.

In a letter to Johnson as well as Welsh and Scottish Prime Ministers Mark Drakeford and Nicola Sturgeon, RMT General Secretary Michael Lynch asked for reassurance that measures such as the requirement to wear masks will continue, social distancing and improved cleaning and ventilation on public transport. .

“This week we risk seeing a bonfire of the very regulations that have protected passengers and workers,” he said. “In addition to removing these obvious protections from face covers, we are also concerned that operators may want to reduce other protections such as improved cleaning.”

According to Lynch, if measures such as wearing a mask become optional, it will reduce protection for passengers and workers and create confusion throughout the system. The union also called on the UK government to avoid confusion over cross-border rail services

Any changes to the measure would have to be agreed with the workers’ union in advance and not unilaterally decided at the government level, Lynch said.

“Many of the Covid measures currently in place in the transport sector are the result of consultations and agreement with RMT and other unions and I would be grateful if you could ensure that all measures to combat the pandemic must remain in place. unless, based on the evidence, there is an agreement with the unions to do otherwise, ”he added.

“As you know, transport workers have risked and in some cases tragically lost their lives and the least they deserve is for governments to support the principle that changes must be made through consultation and an agreement with these workers and their unions. ”

The British Prime Minister will hold a press conference later today to set the final step in the lockdown roadmap, despite 30,000 new Covid-19 cases being recorded daily.

“We all need to take responsibility, so as not to undo our progress, making sure we continue to protect the NHS,” said the BBC Johnson reported as saying.

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