Reducing Carbon Emissions: British Travel Agency Launches “Responsible” No-Fly Travel Around the World

Despite all its wonders and promises, it is undeniable that travel has its drawbacks.

While seeing the world may expand the mind, planes gobble up a huge amount of fuel and emit carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change.

Air travel accounted for 2.5% of global CO2 emissions in 2019, according to the Air Transport Action Group. Although it may seem like a small percentage, for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint, it is increasingly important to find new ways to explore our world.

A travel agency aims to address these concerns with a new round-the-world itinerary, which transports guests across multiple continents, without a single plane in sight.

British company Responsible Travel’s No-Fly Around the World Vacations package instead takes guests on an 11-week train and cargo adventure.

The 80-day tour passes through parts of Europe, North America and Asia, from the UK to Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

After a 16-day Pacific Ocean crossing, travelers will see Canada and the United States before returning to the United Kingdom, with the option of exchanging cargo for the Queen Mary 2.

However, the busy schedule comes at a cost. Trips start from £ 17,950 ($ 25,250) which includes all train and boat rides, accommodation, transfers and tour options listed on the itinerary. Some meals are also included.

For a single traveler, the tour starts from £ 26,500.

“Times have changed since Jules Verne sent Phileas Fogg on his fictional 80-day trip around the world. But the desire to explore new places and experience new cultures is stronger than ever,” says the website of Responsible Travel.

“In this special tribute to the legendary Phileas, we take you on a remarkable journey to explore amazing cities, travel through stunning landscapes and meet many nice people along the way. We have replaced steamboats and hot air balloons. by comfortable long-distance journeys the trains.

“And, with a nod to Phileas, we decided to cross the oceans not by plane, but in modern freighters.”

Given the current global travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, the tour is not expected to start until 2023, according to The independent.

Responsible Travel, which was founded in 2001, offers a number of sustainability-focused vacation options, such as kayaking through Sweden, South Africa safaris with local companies only, and volunteer trips. to preserve the turtles in Costa Rica.

The company is also committed not to create packages that use large cruise ships, elephant rides, dolphin and killer whale shows, and zoos.

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