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Lucknow: With more and more high-speed trains running over 110 km / h, railways require high-level locomotive drivers who are calm as the ocean but faster than a reacting rabbit . To meet the requirements, Research Designs & Standards Organization (RDSO) in Lucknow has developed an advanced computerized psychological testing module for high-speed train locomotive pilots.
“Locomotive pilots must be psychologically adept at safe railway operations and good psychological health is essential to eliminate the risk of errors resulting from judgment which can lead to serious consequences, including loss of life and property. These staff must undergo periodic psychological tests to ensure good psychological health, ”said Ashish Agarwal, RDSO’s public relations manager.
The Psychotechnical Department of the RDSO has been carrying out psychological tests for these personnel for many years. Previously, this test was performed in paper and pencil mode with a manual interface which is now converted to a computerized test. This was essential to eliminate personal errors and biases, biases in the testing procedure.
Following the instructions of the railway council in 2006 to computerize all psychological tests, a comprehensive computerized test module for drivers of fast vehicles (CADAT) was developed. All drivers of trains traveling over 110 km / h must pass the psychological test.
The psychotechnical direction continued to analyze the shortcomings and constraints of the test over time and developed an augmented module to make psychological tests more effective as needed in the current context.
Previously there were five types of tests, but the number has now increased to 11 in the new computerized psychological testing module.
“The team developed 11 new types of tests, including the shape perception test, speed of perception, reconstruction test, image memory and concentration,” said Manish Kumar, chief scientist at the psychotechnical direction.

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