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Microsoft has recognized Amsted Rail for its successful use of HoloLens 2 mixed reality technology to support a customer during the pandemic.

Amsted Rail has earned recognition for Microsoft’s Use Case of the Year for Manufacturing. Additionally, PowerRail is moving its locomotive spares business to Exeter, Pennsylvania; and seven US transportation and logistics companies, including BNSF and the Port of Virginia, have partnered with ZEBOX to help support startups.

Microsoft recognized Amsted Rail for its successful use of HoloLens 2 mixed reality technology. “During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of Amsted Rail’s customers encountered an issue that could not be resolved locally, which halted assembly,” explained Amsted, which supplies undercarriages and components for end-of-rail freight and passenger wagons. . “Under normal circumstances, a service engineer would travel to provide onsite customer service. With international borders closed and health and safety concerns, Amsted Rail sent a HoloLens 2 kit to its customer instead. Amsted Rail engineers, service technicians and other specialists around the world collaborated and guided their client remotely, ultimately resolving the complex issue in a timely manner.

“Our client was able to learn and interact with information in a completely new way, while working outdoors in the snow from a mobile hotspot,” said Mike McDonnell, Chief Innovation Officer of Amsted Rail. “Using Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 technology allowed us to get our client’s assembly up and running in a timely manner while reducing travel costs and health and safety risks to our employees. and customers.”

After nearly 16 years of operation in Duryea, Pennsylvania, PowerRail will move to a new facility in Exeter, Pennsylvania in the coming months. At 200,000 square feet, the new location is more than double the size of PowerRail’s existing offices and distribution center, and offers more storage space. It will house the company’s offices and distribution center, as well as manufacturing facilities for PowerRail Industries and Avoca Rail Products.

The facility, purchased by PowerRail, includes LED lighting, a high-efficiency HVAC system, energy-efficient electrical systems for equipment and machinery, and a new powder coating system.

PowerRail plans to hire additional machinists; welders; and employees in customer service, accounting and logistics to work there, according to executive vice president of operations and finance Kevin Wright.

“When I started this business 19 years ago, we were just a distributor,” said Paul Foster, CEO and Chairman of PowerRail. “Over the years, our business model has changed, and now we are much more than that. Today, we manufacture and remanufacture parts and components, and distribute them worldwide. This new facility will allow us to continue our growth and provide our customers, both domestic and international, with the quality and service they expect from PowerRail.

Founded in 2003, PowerRail offers a range of new and rebuilt rail related parts and components, including bearings and journal boxes, rotating electrical parts, engine components, compressors, pumps and motors, sourced from from various manufacturing facilities across the United States. The company also offers rebuilds, overhauls and mobile maintenance of locomotives at its locomotive shop. PowerRail also has sites in Europe and Australia.

Charley Dehoney, Vice President of ZEBOX America

ZEBOX, dubbed “an international accelerator and innovation hub for supply chain, logistics and Industry 4.0 spaces”, has formed strategic partnerships with BNSF, Cargomatic, EDRAY, Ingram Industries, project44, Port of Virginia and TRAC Intermodal.

ZEBOX’s goal: to connect startups and entrepreneurs to global industry leaders. Through these new partnerships, “We are making ZEBOX America the premier space for high-impact innovation in the logistics, transportation, and supply chain industries in the United States,” said Charley Dehoney, vice-president president of ZEBOX America, based in Arlington, Virginia. “Our partner companies will gain access to groundbreaking new technologies and processes, and our entrepreneurs and founders will gain vital expertise, funding opportunities, and the ability to scale rapidly in the United States and globally.”

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