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CTG-PU-JXUST Pakistan Scholarship Elected in Second Global Poverty Alleviation Cases

By Meng Fanrong

ISLAMABAD, Jan. 22 (Gwadar Pro) — Recently, the 2021 High Level Forum on Rural Development was held in Beijing. A list of 106 award-winning cases in the second “Global Collection of Poverty Reduction Cases” has been posted on the forum. Among them, Taking the Lead in Undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility Abroad through Education and Poverty Alleviation – A Case Study of the China Three Gorges-Pakistan Scholarship Program was ranked as best case for poverty reduction.

The selected Pakistan Scholarship Program has improved China’s poverty alleviation development discourse system from multiple perspectives and levels, demonstrated the replicable path of China’s poverty alleviation program, and has provided experience for the sustainable development of developing countries.

Promotion Ceremony for Kohara Hydropower Project Development and Scholarship Award Ceremony Year 2018

The program is the first comprehensive scholarship program funded by Chinese companies to help immigrants to the Pakistani reservoir region plan for the long term. It is funded by China Three Gorges South Asia Investment Ltd. Through the order-based commission training model, it is jointly established by Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (JXUST) and Punjab University (PU) to train the bachelor’s degree scholarship program in electricity. Engineering. PU in Pakistan provides students with vocational studies for the first two years, while JXUST in China trains students with vocational studies, internships and graduation internships for the next two years, as well as settlement of Chinese language and culture. In addition to fully subsidizing students’ study, living and cross-border travel, the China Three Gorges Corporation also provides them with on-site internship opportunities in the field of hydropower. The first class of students have graduated and will serve the Three Gorges International Hydropower Project in South Asia.

Since the implementation of the program, a total of 33 outstanding students from two cohorts have been selected for study and exchange between China and Pakistan, which has been highly recognized by education authorities and schools in both countries and widely supported by the public.

The first batch of graduate students will serve the International Three Gorges Hydropower Project in South Asia

The program was officially launched in 2017, opening a new mode of three-way cooperation between universities, Confucius institutes and enterprises in training local technical talents, and providing a new example for colleges and universities to carry out cross-college cooperation. , school-enterprise cooperation and China. -Pakistani cooperation in school management. He has made positive contributions to the service of the Belt and Road Initiative, promoting the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Pakistan-China friendship.

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