Norfolk residents urged to have their say on Ely rail improvements

The people of Norfolk have been urged to have their say in plans to tackle a rail bottleneck, with council leaders saying it could improve rail services and boost the county’s economy.

Network Rail’s second round of public consultations to increase rail capacity via Ely began this week.

The north, south, east and west lines all meet at Ely, Cambridgeshire, including services from Norwich and King’s Lynn.

The owner and operator of the rail infrastructure says the system is at full capacity and has £ 22million in funding to develop plans and consult them.

Last year there were consultations on the changes at Ely North Junction, and attention has now turned to Ely South.

The six-week consultation includes track and platform changes at Ely station, bridge improvements and the closure of a level crossing.

Illustrative plan showing the main features of the railway infrastructure in the southern area of ​​Ely
– Credit: Network Rail

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Network Rail says the program could increase the number of off-peak passenger and freight trains in each direction, from 6.5 trains per hour in each direction to 10 per hour in each direction, including additional trains between King’s Lynn and London.

And Martin Wilby, a member of the Norfolk County Council’s cabinet for highways, infrastructure and transportation, urged people to respond to the consultation.

Martin Wilby, Member of the Highways and Infrastructure Cabinet at Norfolk County Council

Martin Wilby, Member of the Highways and Infrastructure Cabinet at Norfolk County Council.
– Credit: Simon Parkin

He said: “We fully support investments to help break the bottleneck at Ely which, at the moment, severely limits the number of trains that can run from King’s Lynn to London and Norwich to the west.

“This crucial program has the potential to increase rail capacity, improve connectivity, provide a potential increase in passenger services and support the rail freight industry, all of which are even more important than ever because we want to as Norfolk and the economy of the region as a whole. , to emerge as strongly as possible from the effects of the pandemic.

“We will take a close look at the consultation and provide a thoughtful response to the proposals and options that were released this week, and I urge others to do the same.”

Another public consultation is scheduled for later in 2021 on the remodeling of the track alignment at the Ely North junction.

Due to the coronavirus, Network Rail is organizing the consultation consultation at

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