NMI’s Jacqueline Che among the Obama Foundation’s new Asia-Pacific leaders | News

CNMI’s JACQUELINE Che is one of 35 people selected to participate in the Obama Foundation Leaders Asia-Pacific program.

The program trains participants in leadership development and community engagement to help them develop their skills and expand their work in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. This year’s cohort represents 23 nations and territories in the region.

Che is the founding member of “Full Belly, Full Hearts”, a volunteer-led initiative that provides meal distribution and referral services to unemployed and underemployed people who seek it. This includes resume writing; printing, downloading or submitting application materials; referrals to services and job search and job placement assistance, helping small businesses and farmers access federal grants to support themselves.

The Obama Foundation, in a statement, said: “As part of the six-month non-residential program, these dedicated changemakers will meet virtually weekly for interactive sessions designed to help them drive change by honing their skills in leadership, building deep relationships with their peers, and engaging with thought leaders and members of the Obama Foundation community.”

They will also have the opportunity to participate in various virtual experiences and special events, including one-on-one conversations with experienced mentors from the foundation’s global network.

Former President Obama’s family ties to the region, his time in Indonesia as a young man, and his upbringing in Hawaii have shaped his values ​​and belief in the passion of this generation of changemakers across Asia -Peaceful.

Launched in 2019, the program creates a network of leaders who drive positive and innovative change in their communities across the continent and around the world. The Class of 2022 of Asia-Pacific Leaders works on a wide range of issues and focus areas, including climate change, indigenous rights, education, and more.

The Obama Foundation Leaders Program is designed to inspire, empower and further connect emerging leaders from Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe to change their respective communities and the world. To learn more, visit obama.org/leaders.

In a letter to Che, the Obama Foundation welcomes him to the 2022 Leaders Asia-Pacific program.

“It was an honor to meet each of you and learn more about the work you do, and we are thrilled to begin this journey with you. This year’s program brings together an incredible cohort of 35 people from 23 nations and territories in the region. Your cohort of leaders works on a range of issues – including the climate crisis, indigenous rights and education – and spans civil society space and the private and public sectors,” said the foundation to Che in a letter.

In 2019, CNMI representatives Sheila J. Babauta and Samantha Birmingham-Babauta were selected to participate in the first cohort of the Obama Foundation Leaders Asia-Pacific program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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