Newtown Unique Miniature Railroad volunteers call for new blood

A popular model railroad needs more volunteers to keep running popular locomotive rides in Newtown.

Members of the Mid Wales Model Engineering Society said it was “essential” that they get new members to help outfit the stockpile of electric and steam locomotives for children, youth and adults on weekends. .

The rides have become so popular since the new play park was built near the 160-meter track which was built almost 35 years ago.

Graham Griffiths, President of the Mid Wales Model Engineering Society, said: “It’s a real asset to the city as long as we can equip it and keep the locomotives running.

“There aren’t many places around here that have a miniature railroad. It’s unique. We’re the only one that’s really wide open to the general public.

“The playground suddenly changed everything and we are busy all the time.

“The parents and kids were absolutely thrilled. People keep saying it’s good to see him again. We are very grateful for the level of donations we receive.

“Seeing the expression on the children’s faces is absolutely amazing. They can’t believe it. We get a lot of satisfaction from it. ”

The Society would like to organize rides every Saturday and Sunday, but to do so, it would need up to 20 active members to volunteer their time.

“It’s a little difficult right now because there are so few of us,” Griffiths said.

“We hope to be an asset and help Newtown and support all of these things around us, that’s the main thing. But membership is essential for us, so we are fortunate to have recruited four members this year. We also had a few young people that we would like to see increase.

“A lot of people have this misconception that a model engineering company is only about railroad locomotives, and that’s not the case.

“The Company has the facilities and the knowledge of its members to help anyone with no engineering background so anyone can sign up and they don’t have to build locomotives either.”

For more information on the Mid Wales Model Engineering Society, please contact Graham Griffiths on 01686 670270 or email [email protected]

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