New for 2023: Jackson Rockabillys

We have a name for the new Summer-College Prospect League crew play out of Jackson’s baseball stadium from 2023: the jackson rockabilly.

It comes after a team naming process that narrowed potential names from a thousand initial entries to the Jackson 5 finalists: the Hub City HubCaps, Hub City Heroes, Jackson Rockabillys, Jackson Locomotives and the Jackson Blue Suedes .

Of all the entries, the primary name that continued to be entered was the Rockabilly. The results of WBBJ-TV’s online poll of fan favorites and picks closely matched the team’s Guess the Name contest. In fact, 2,118 (44%) of the 4,804 submitted named “Rockabillys” as their name choice. Their poll had Hub City Heroes in second with 891 (19%), Jackson Blue Suedes with 692 (14%), Hub City HubCaps with 555 (12%) and fifth, the Jackson Locomotives with 548 (11%).

“After much deliberation, reasoning, research, opinions and calculations, we have decided that the name that best exemplifies Jackson, and the region is a tribute to the legacy of rockabilly music,” said Rockabillys President/CEO . Denis Bastien by press release. “The name lends itself to a unique logo. We salute the era of music that made the Jackson area famous for its sound,”

The Rockabilly era was ushered in by Jackson’s own Carl Perkins and made famous by many artists thereafter. Jackson is home to the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame. The Billy Goat featured in the main logo is reminiscent of Johnny Cash’s smirk, with the guitar neck being a brass bat. Other Logos and Designs unveiled other logos and designs that will add to the legend of the Rockabillys, incorporating the concept of several names related to the Rockabilly era.

The official colors of the Rockabillys are No-Hitter Navy, Perfect Game Purple, Full Count Copper, Shutout Silver, Grand Slam Gray and Home Plate White.

“We hope West Tennessee, Madison County and of course the Jackson area will embrace and be proud of the Rockabilly name. Although it has existed in this area for many years, it can create a memorable image and look. We hope to feature the name in many states to make Jackson even more recognizable,” Bastien added.

“To wrap up! We have an identity!” General Manager Steve DeSalvo said via press release. what we were leaning towards, and now we are proud to announce our name. We thought that Rockabillys best personifies not only a great name, a funny logo, but also allows for a lot of spin-offs. Now we are really ready to play at Ball Jackson.

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