Network Rail takes investments under the government’s Kickstart program


12 young people became the first to join Rail network as part of the government’s kickstart program, working across all areas of the business – including HR, communications, finance and project management

Kickstarters will develop their skills and gain valuable experience while playing their role in providing a safe and reliable railway for passengers and freight users.

While all employers participating in the program can apply for funding to cover 100% of the national minimum wage, or the national living wage depending on the age of the participant, Network Rail voluntarily goes one step further by paying its Kickstarters in accordance with the Living Wage Foundation.

Network Rail’s goal is to take at least 100 Kickstarters in total

Skills creation partnership has agreed to provide employability training and resources to applicants under the program.

Training will be underpinned by the Competency Building Framework, which breaks down the progression of eight Essential Skills, including teamwork, creativity and problem solving, into 16 skill stages.

Each Kickstarter will benefit from 10 90-minute training sessions during their internship and will be able to record and track their progress using an online platform.

Upon successful completion of the Skills Builder Learning Journal, they will receive an accredited certificate allowing them to demonstrate their skills and accomplishments to potential future employers.

Push to ‘rebuild better’

Employment Minister Mims Davies said: “It’s fantastic to see Network Rail brilliantly supporting the government’s Kickstart program – helping our next generation of workers really get back on track and develop key skills they need to thrive at work.

“It’s always a difficult time, but across the country, our Planning jobs creates opportunities, helps people retrain and inspires job seekers to find work as we strive to build back better – including in the rail sector. “

Rosa Morgan-Baker, Director of Development at Skills Builder Partnership, added: “We are proud to work with Network Rail to ensure that Kickstart participants leave the program with not only valuable knowledge and experience, but also highly transferable essential skills. to support their future progress.

“There is a growing body of evidence linking higher levels of Essential Skills to better career outcomes, higher wages and higher levels of well-being.

“The Skills Builder Partnership brings together employers, educators and nonprofits to establish a common language and shared results framework to help young people identify, develop and articulate these essential skills in a strong and cohesive way.

“We are delighted to be working closely with Network Rail towards this ambitious vision.”


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