Model Railroad Locomotive, Freight Cars, Details and Tools Announcements for May 6, 2021

Product news
Model Railroader operators and builders can get the latest information on locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, tools, tracks and more by reading Model Railroader’s frequent product updates. Here are the products that Model Railroader publishers have news about for the week of May 6, 2021.

HO scale locomotives
SD60M and SD60I diesel locomotives of the Electro-Motive division. SD60M: Buffalo & Pittsburgh (Genesee & Wyoming scheme), Conrail (“Quality” scheme), CSX (dark blue and yellow) and Union Pacific (scheme to repaint and as delivered after 2018, two route numbers each). SD60I: Terminal Railroad Association (red and white, two digits). Three numbers per diagram unless otherwise indicated. Prototype specific details, light emitting diode lighting and McHenry scale couplers. DC model with 21-pin NEM connector, $ 229.99; with SoundTraxx Tsunami 2 dual-mode sound decoder, $ 319.99. May 2022. Genesis Series. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Athearn Genesis HO scale Buffalo & Pittsburgh Electro-Motive Division SD60M diesel locomotive no. 3887.

HO scale freight cars
Assorted freight car kits. Great Northern American Car & Foundry Center Flow Covered Hopper with a capacity of 2,970 cubic feet, $ 20.98. Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo 36-foot Fowler boxcar, $ 19.98. Borg Warner, Corn Products and Georgia Pacific American Car & Foundry 4,600 cubic foot capacity three-bay covered hopper (single car, $ 20.98; three-pack, $ 61.98). Michigan Central (New York Central Lines) wood-side two-bay hopper, $ 18.98. Milwaukee Road 40-foot double-door ribbed-sided automobile covered wagon, $ 19.98. Injection molded plastic kit with plastic axles, trucks and Accumate couplers. Accurail,

Covered hopper
Accurail HO scale Great Northern American Car & Foundry 2-bay covered hopper with a capacity of 2,970 cubic feet at center flow no. 173852.

24 and 36 foot double duct covered wagons. Kits include a wooden deck, Tichy Train Group detail pieces, and fictional Conowingo RR decals with the tagline “Route of the Pentaquad”. Trucks and hitches not included. 24-foot boxcar, $ 25; 36 foot covered wagon, $ 27. Add $ 5 per kit for trucks and couplers. Conowingo Models,

Sheathed covered wagon
Conowingo Models HO ladder 36 feet double sheathed boxcar kit with inscription for Conowingo RR.

HO scale path maintenance
250 ton steam crane and jib tender. New route names: Canadian National (red and yellow crane with oxide red stripes and supply ramp) and Delaware & Hudson (blue, gray and yellow). One number per diagram. The crane swivels 360 degrees and has a removable knob for manual adjustment of the boom position. RP-25 blackened metal contour wheels with non-magnetic blackened brass axles and needle bearings, Celcon trucks and EZ Mate couplers. $ 77. Silver series. Bachmann Trains, 215-533-1600,

HO scale details and accessories
Modern mailboxes on the roadside and in the city. Includes parts to build four large standard and full size enclosures. Includes 12 rural mailboxes. $ 14.98. SceneMaster line. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,

Street corner with two mailboxes
Walthers SceneMaster line Modern street and city letterboxes in HO scale.

Parking meters. Injection molded plastic molded parts. Suitable for the 1950s to the present day. Package of twenty, $ 7.98. SceneMaster line. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,

Three parking meters on the sidewalk
HO scale parking meters from Walthers SceneMaster line.

Picnic tables. The injection molded plastic kit includes parts to build five complete tables. $ 7.98. SceneMaster line. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,

Five picnic tables
Walthers SceneMaster HO Scale Picnic Tables.

Tables and chairs. The injection molded plastic kit includes a square and round table and 12 chairs. $ 7.98. SceneMaster line. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,

Round tables with chairs
Walthers SceneMaster line HO scale table and chair kit.

Telegraph poles and ties. Brand new kit. Includes 10 poles with two molded sleepers and 20 additional sleepers. Molded in gray-brown “wood color”. Each post measures 4-11 / 32 ”in height. $ 9.98. SceneMaster line. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,

Telegraph poles along a street
Walthers SceneMaster line HO scale telegraph pole and sleeper kit.

Follow the bumpers. Yellow and rusty brown. Factory assembled details appropriate for the 1940s to the present day. For use with WalthersTrack (codes 83 and 100) and most other brands of HO scale track. Pack of four, $ 7.98. WalthersTrack. Wm. K. Walthers Inc., 414-527-0770,

Four track bumpers
Four yellow Walthers HO scale bumpers.

N scale locomotives
SW7 diesel locomotive of the Electro-Motive division. Atlantic Coast Line (purple and silver), Chessie System (yellow, orange and blue with Chesapeake and Ohio brands), Detroit & Toledo Shore Line (black and yellow), Great Northern (Empire Builder program as delivered), Maine Central ( brown, yellow and black), Pennsylvania RR (dark green locomotive enamel), Southern Ry. (smoking) and Union Pacific (Armor Yellow and Harbor Mist Gray with slogan “Road of the Streamliners”). Paragon4 dual mode sound decoder with Rolling Thunder; die-cast metal body and chassis; and separate factory applied handrails, hand irons, chimneys, horn and bell. Two road numbers per diagram; also available undecorated. $ 229.99. June 2021. Broadway Limited Imports, 386-673-8900,

Electromotive locomotive
Broadway Limited Imports N Scale Atlantic Coast Line Electro-Motive Division SW7 no. 645.

N scale freight cars
Pacific Car & Foundry 57ft Mechanical Refrigerator Car. Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe (orange and black); Cold train (blue); Erie Lackawanna (orange and black); North Pacific (silver); Pacific Fruit Express (orange with Union Pacific and Southern Pacific heralds); and Tropicana (white). Three road numbers per diagram. McHenry scale couplers and 33 ”metal wheels. $ 34.99. May 2022. Athearn N. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Mechanical refrigerated car
Athearn N scale Santa Fe Pacific Car & Foundry 57 feet mechanical reefer no. 55430.

Department of Defense flat cars with Humvee loads. Oxide Red Flat Cars with Injection Molded Plastic Humvee Vehicle Kits. Package of three, $ 134.95. Micro-Trains Line Co., 541-535-1755,

Department of Defense flat cars with Humvee loads.
Micro-Trains Line Co. Department of Defense N scale flat vehicles with Humvee loads.

[ALT: Micro-Trains Line Co. N scale Ferromex factory-weathered tank car no. 410025.]Factory-aged freight cars. Ferromex tank car (formerly National Railways of Mexico), $ 36.90. Norfolk Southern (formerly Southern Ry.) General American 4,180 cubic foot capacity Airslide covered hopper, package of three, $ 109.95. Micro-Trains Line Co., 541-535-1755,

Aged tank car
Micro-Trains Line Co. Factory-aged ferromex tank car no. To scale N. 410025.

Large 40 foot northern box cars. Orange and green with the herald “See America First, Glacier National Park”. Injection-molded plastic models with adjustable doors; separate factory applied steps; solid running trucks with plastic axles; and Magne-Matic couplers. Pack of eight, $ 219.95. Micro-Trains Line Co., 541-535-1755,

Eight covered wagons
Micro-Trains Line Co. N, large 40-foot N-scale boxcar, pack of eight.

2-1 / 2 ”scale locomotives
45 ton Whitcomb mid-cab diesel locomotive. Caliber 7.25 “or 7.5″. The base model comes with powered trucks, 2.5 ” Sharon couplers, electric controls and a gray primer finish. $ 9,250. Following upgrades available: Paint, $ 500; audio system, $ 600; and battery installation, $ 500. Produced by Accucraft, available on Live Steam Station,

Mushroom handle pin vise. Steel and plastic construction with reversible clamp. Accepts drill sizes no. 50 to no. 80. Measures 3-1 / 2 ”without wick. $ 8.99. Produced by Excel, available in the Kalmbach Hobby Store,

Mushroom pin vise
Excel Mushroom Handle Pin Vise available in the Kalmbach Hobby Store.

Single-edged razor blades. Carbon steel construction. 0.009 ” thick single-edged standard blade. Pack of ten, $ 3.99. Produced by Excel, available in the Kalmbach Hobby Store,

Razor blade pack with a single razor blade sitting next to it
Pack of 10 Excel single-edged razor blades available in the Kalmbach Hobby Store.

Set of leisure knives. Contains three hobby knives (K1, K2 and K5) and the following blades: 2, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22 and 24. Includes plastic-lined wooden box with magnetic strip to hold blades spare. $ 27.99. Produced by Excel, available in the Kalmbach Hobby Store,

Hobby knife set
Excel hobby knife set available in the Kalmbach Hobby Store.

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