Merseyrail passengers pile onto trains and platforms in ‘appalling’ journeys

Merseyrail has issued an apology after passengers claimed they were hours late for work and were crowded on platforms and trains.

People traveling on the Wirral lines on Thursday said they faced long delays in the morning and evening.

A passenger who regularly used the Liverpool-West Kirby line said the situation had not been helped as there were only three cars on the train.

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They said, “There are only two trains an hour at peak times.

“One has two sets of three cars on it, but there’s another one with only three cars that seems to spawn randomly.

“The one I was in only had three cars, at rush hour, and it was completely packed. People were packed cheek to jowl.

“At Conway Park, a disabled woman in an electric wheelchair couldn’t get on because it was too crowded. So if the trains are only one every half hour, she might well have ended up Waiting another half hour in the cold and damp is unacceptable.

“And from a covid perspective, that’s awful. People are cramming into each other’s personal space everywhere you look. They might as well call it the Covid Express.”

Passengers hit on trains on one of the Wirral lines

Posting on Twitter, many people said they were late for work and trains were forced to stop at stations for long periods of time.

Responding to Merseyrail, one person said on Thursday: “Which one? The incident this morning that made me two hours late for work or the one tonight that made my drive home take an hour longer? Not enough.

Another person added: ‘Signal issues at Birkenhead this morning, I was 40mins late for work this morning and now my girlfriend has to pick me up because I can’t get home anymore.

A third person on Twitter also said: “45 mins we stood at Birkenhead North. Shambles.”

A woman also asked if the train service was back to normal, she replied: ‘Are Hooton trains running normally today? After yesterday I don’t want my daughter to have a dreadful journey again. “

A photo shared on social media on Thursday evening showed passengers crammed into the James Street platform for the Wirral Lines after the delays.

Earlier this week, Merseyrail confirmed it would be increasing rail services from Monday February 14.

The timetable changes include services increasing to 20 minutes on the Southport & Hunts Cross and Ormskirk & Kirkby lines, Monday to Saturday until 8 p.m. A 30-minute service will remain in place on both lines every Sunday.

The Chester Line will return to a 15 minute frequency from 7am to 7pm. They will run every 30 minutes before and after these times.

The Ellesmere Port line will continue to offer a 30-minute all-day service. A 30-minute service will also remain in operation on Sundays on both lines.

West Kirby and New Brighton services will continue to operate every 20 minutes from the start of service until 7pm. They will then run every 30 minutes until the end of the service. A 30-minute service will continue to operate on Sundays.

Since the blockages, Merseyrail’s commercial director Suzanne Grant said the reasons for Thursday morning’s disruption was due to a “damaged cable” which needed to be repaired.

In the evening, the disruption to train services was due to “emergency work” taking place on one of the platforms at James Street station.

Merseyrail has since apologized to passengers traveling on the Wirral lines for the inconvenience.

Ms Grant said: “Passengers traveling on our Wirral lines may have experienced travel disruption on Thursday 3rd February.

“The morning disruption was caused by a damaged cable which had to be repaired.

“The disruption to the evening was due to emergency work needing to be carried out on one of the platforms at James Street station.

“On behalf of Merseyrail, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused if your journey has been interrupted.”

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