Manston asylum seekers ‘abandoned’ at London train station

Asylum seekers from the Manston processing center were reportedly left at London Victoria station without accommodation on Tuesday.

Two British newspapers reported on Wednesday that a group of around 40 migrants from Manston were dropped off at a central London bus station on Tuesday.

And while around 30 had family or friends they could stay with, 11 were left homeless and helped by a charity worker.

Volunteers from the homeless charity Under One Sky, which provided them with food and clothing, told the newspaper that many were wearing flip-flops and no winter coats.

“They were stressed, upset and completely bewildered,” said volunteer Danial Abbas. “They were also very hungry.”

A British Transport Police spokesman said staff responded to reports of asylum seekers seeking help at Victoria Station at 10.33pm on Tuesday.

“Officers engaged and liaised with charity partners, railway staff and government colleagues to help them find accommodation for the evening,” the spokesperson said.

Migrants at the immigration processing center in Manston – in pictures

Three Afghan men who said they were taken to London on Tuesday and then left with nowhere to stay returned to Manston on Wednesday evening as they had no other shelter, Reuters reported.

Hundreds of people are believed to have been moved from the Manston Processing Center – a disused airfield site near Ramsgate – amid fears it has become dangerously overcrowded.

“Monday … the Minister of the Interior [Suella Braverman] said: ‘What I have refused to do is prematurely release…thousands of people in local communities with nowhere to stay,’ Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael said in the House of Commons on Wednesday .

What’s going on in Manston? – video

‘It is reported today that this is exactly what happened last night. A bus full of inmates was taken from Manston to Victoria Station where they were then left derelict and apparently l one of them slept in the street during the night.

“That surely contradicts what the Home Secretary said in the House. She has something to respond to.

“It would be very helpful for the House to know whether or not she intends to come here and explain herself or whether she still needs to be brought here.”

The Home Office has been contacted for comment.

Updated: November 02, 2022, 10:54 p.m.

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