Maiden softball players bounce back, but benefit from playoff experience

In the State A tournament, the third-seeded Maidens would be vexed by the Devils for the third time and derailed by the Locomotives in the direction of the mascot interaction. But while their tournament tour may have been cut short, it was no shorter than that of a pair of other third seeds.

Against the Corvallis Lady Blue Devils, Ronan trailed early as their opponent’s two-pitch mix and match approach kept Maiden’s hitters off balance long enough for the Corvallis hitters to manufacture enough runs to win. an advantage. The Maidens managed to score three goals in the sixth inning. But there was not enough time left to change the result.

Against Laurel’s Lady Locomotives, the Maidens managed to generate a handful of hits against Laurel’s mound ace high-caliber pitcher Ella Crookston. Among these was an additional double from LouRasia Weatherwax. But the Maidens’ task was daunting as they faced the same pitcher that eventual 2021 champion Polson had to stretch nine innings in last year’s semi-final before they could manufacture a lone run that proved be the ticket to move forward.

The Maidens said goodbye to a quartet of seniors in pitcher Kiara Sherman, infielders Ashlie Welker as well as Haylie Webster and Julianna Vizzerra.

Laurel 10, Ronan 0

3NW Ronan (11-13), 2SE Laurel (15-6-1)

Ronan 000 00 – 0 4 2

Laurel 240 04 – 10 15 0

Ella Crookston (10K, 1HB) and Taylor Feller. Kiara Sherman 2K,1W) and Harlee Stokes. W-Crookston. L-Sherman (10-13).

RONAN – Ally Luedtke 1-3, Ashlie Welker 0-2, LouRasia Weatherwax 1-2, Sherman 0-2, Kaydance Santos 1-2, Hanna Lytton 1-2, Haylie Webster 0-2, Mira Corum 0-1, Julianna Vizzerra 0-1, Kylee Kelch 0-1.

LAUREL – Mia Andersen 2-4, Taylor Strecker 1-3, Crookston 2-3, Kadence Temple 2-3, Feller 1-3, Charley McLean 1-3, Shelbi Block 2-2, Tierra Langford 2-3, Lexie Stahlman 3-3, (cr) Arlette Nieto.

3B – Block. 2B – Weather wax; Stahlman, Temple, Crookston. RBI-Andersen, Crookston, Temple 2, McLean, Langford 2, Stahlman 2. SH-Kelch. BB – Block. HB – Vizzerra. SB-Santos; Andersen 3, Block, Feller, Nieto. CS-Stahlman. Tracks – Andersen 2, Strecker, Nieto 2, Feller, McLean, Block 2, Langford. (Fr27May22gm12st)

Corvallis 9, Ronan 3

3NO Ronan (11-12), 2SO Corvallis (15-8)

Ronan 000 003 0 – 3 5 3

Corvallis 140 211 x – 9 11 2

Macee Greenwood (2IP:4K,3H,4W), (3) Gabby Krueger (6K,2H,3W,1HB) and Emma Cashell. Kiara Sherman (3K,3W), (5) Maizy Blixt and Harlee Stokes. W – Mr. Greenwood. L-Sherman (10-12)

RONAN – Ally Luedtke 2-3, Ashlie Welker 0-3, LouRasia Weatherwax 1-4, Sherman 0-3, Kaydance Santos 1-2, Kamiah PrettyOnTop 0-2, Blixt 0-2, Haylie Webster 0-1, Stokes 0 -3, Mira Corum 1-2, (cr) Kylee Kelch.

CORVALLIS – M. Greenwood 1-3, Sydney Wolsky 1-4, Cashell 1-4, Kaitlin McCartney 0-3, Krueger 3-3, Ella Dowd 0-3, Caitlin Nelson 1-1, Trinity McLane 1-4, Sophie Cooper 1-4, Jaydn Greenwood 2-3, (cr) Shaylee Wiedow, Jessica Saturday.

HR – M. Greenwood, Krueger 2. 2B – Luedtke; J. Greenwood, Krueger. RBI – Luedtke; M. Greenwood 2, Wolsky, Cashell 2, Krueger 3, J. Greenwood. BB – Luedtke, Welker, Sherman, Santos, H. Webster 2, Corum; Mr. Greenwood, McCartney, Krueger. HB-Santos. CS Webster. Races – Santos, Webster, Corum; M.Greenwood, Wiedow 2, Krueger 2, McLane 2, J.Greenwood 2. (Th26May22gm2st)

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