Let us know if you think the train fares are fair or not

Mayor Andy Burnham sparked a huge reaction on Twitter when he shared the exorbitant cost of a return train ticket from Manchester to London, so we want to know if you think train prices are fair or not.

The cost of anytime return came in at £369.40, with Mr Burnham sharing screenshots of the price on a train ticket app to back up his claim.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester also shared a price comparison with return flights from Manchester to India, Jamaica, Brazil and Ivory Coast, all of which were cheaper than the train ticket.

Let us know in the “Comments” section.

Some readers have already commented on train fares, with one person saying: “Rail fares in this country are shocking compared to the rest of Europe and the whole system of buying tickets is unnecessarily complicated.”

Another added: “If it was affordable (and punctual), people would be tempted to take the train. The fact that you can travel halfway around the world for less is crazy.”

Andy Burnham tweets comparing the cost of a Manchester to London train ticket with flights to India, Jamaica, Brazil and Ivory Coast

Some people criticized Mr Burnham’s comparison, with one person saying: “You have to compare what is the same. Train ticket open at any time compared to an equivalent plane ticket.

“You can get tickets from London to Manchester for around £22 if you can book in advance.”

However, they also added: “I agree that short-term rail travel is prohibitively expensive.”

One reader shared a similar comparison to Burnham’s, saying: “I went from Newcastle to Mallorca for half of what it would have cost me to get to York by train. More than a joke.”

Do you think rail fares are too expensive? Let us know in the “Comments” section.

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