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Locomotive builder records best annual production in history

The world’s largest locomotive manufacturer, based in the state, made history by deploying a record number of 467 locomotives during the period January-December 2021. For Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW), this is of the best production figure ever recorded in a calendar year.

The production figure is the result of CLW’s continued production runs of over 40 locomotives per month. CLW, during its 70 years, produced 11,000 locomotives, including 2,351 steam locomotives, 842 diesel locomotives and 7,936 electric locomotives. About 90% of all electric locomotives ever used by railroads came from their assembly lines.

Schools giving chances to absent children

Several schools across the state have considered skipping students on tests because of Covid and giving them an option to re-test.

Over the past two years of online classes and online testing, absence had diminished and almost all students would show up for home tests even if they were sick but the third wave makes it difficult to log in or pass of a test, teachers from different schools were saying.

“We are only considering cases where children are Covid positive and not in condition to come for a test,” said the teacher at a reputable school in Kolkata.

Before the pandemic, in many schools, children were discouraged from going to school even though there was an exam if they got sick. Students were then usually marked as absent and a retest was not administered in many schools.

Rare double coconut tree at the dying botanical garden

The Indian Botanic Garden’s double coconut palm (Lodoicea Maldivica) here, which underwent pollination across the country in 2013, appears to be dying.

Although officials are hopeful the tree will survive, the yellowing of the leaves and the tree’s general appearance seem to suggest otherwise. Also, the cross-pollinated seed did not germinate, which means the rare species will soon be extinct in the country.

Scientists here said the plant suffered a fungal attack after which it was treated with a fungicide. An official said: “It took a heavy toll on his health.”

Company chatbot for service delivery

Residents of Kolkata awaiting a new Aadhaar card or modifying an existing card can now book an appointment via a WhatsApp chatbot operated by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).

The civic body would also provide information on pending property tax and a link to pay the due through the WhatsApp chatbot. Those interested can contact at the number: 8335999111.

The chatbot will initiate a conversation through which people looking for services can book an appointment. Additionally, multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards, and UPI payments will be allowed for a host of services, the KMC said in a statement Saturday.

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