Kazakhstan: Škoda receives new order for traction motors from Wabtec

Wabtec has ordered traction motors from the Škoda Group for 26 additional locomotives.

The two organizations have an ongoing relationship – Škoda has supplied the company with engine sets for more than 50 locomotives in recent years.

This latest order, worth more than 12 million euros ($12.88 million), is for locomotives that will be assembled and operated in Kazakhstan and consists of 156 mechanical traction drives (six for each locomotive) , including traction motor, gearbox and wheelset.

The region is known for its harsh conditions and the locomotives will have to withstand extreme temperatures of -55 to +55 degrees Celsius.

The tests will ensure that the locomotives comply with Russian railway standards before entering service. This will include proving the durability of individual parts and complete assemblies.

Jaromír Šilhánek, President of the Škoda Group Electrical Systems and Components Product Line, said:

“The locomotives have to meet very difficult conditions in Kazakhstan, so there is a lot of attention paid to quality and durability.

“I am pleased that with this order we are confirming that we are able to succeed with our products on a global scale and with the world’s most demanding customers.”

Delivery of the engine sets is scheduled for next year.

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