HS2 Ltd signs research agreement with UK universities

The research agreement will allow HS2 to draw on key UK centers of academic excellence to help generate new knowledge across a wide range of disciplines.

As part of its innovation agenda, on May 14, 2021, HS2 Ltd signed a groundbreaking agreement with leading UK university infrastructure research centers that will provide it with access to the capabilities, knowledge and facilities of leading research.

HS2 Ltd’s agreement with the UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) will allow the project to draw on key UK academic centers of excellence to help generate new knowledge and technologies across the wide range of disciplines involved in affordable and low carbon construction. and modern infrastructure.

Coordinated by the universities of Loughborough and Southampton, the agreement will allow HS2 Ltd to commission UKCRIC-wide research for the new UK high-speed rail network. It will also allow the 15 university institutions involved to present research results that could be used in the framework of the project.

Andrew Pestana, Head of Innovation Strategy at HS2, said: “HS2 is a major opportunity for UK universities and businesses to collaborate at the forefront of innovation to meet the challenge of delivering the new UK high speed rail network. The size of the project and its 20-year delivery program provide the ideal environment to develop solutions for High Speed ​​2 and the wider rail industry – both of which are essential in helping the UK transport network to thrive. decarbonize.

The agreement will first seek to identify key areas of collaboration on low carbon concrete, such as alternative reinforcement methods, integrated carbon reduction in production and material reuse.

UKCRIC head William Powrie of the University of Southampton said: “This landmark agreement will allow HS2 to harness the power of UK universities in civil engineering innovation to meet the challenge of providing a rugged and durable railroad at affordable carbon. and financial cost. In addition to bringing research to high TRL to address known and immediate challenges, engagement with HS2 will stimulate blue sky thinking and catalyze new research that will have influence and impact for decades to come. Researchers from universities that are not full UKCRIC members will be able to get involved, and the potential to make a real difference is enormous. “

Sergio Cavalaro, Skills Manager for UKCRIC, said: “With this agreement we will promote collaborations between HS2 and UKCRIC partners aimed at addressing the myriad of challenges that need to be addressed in the project. This ambitious and comprehensive effort recognizes the complementary roles of research and training in providing the know-how necessary to address these challenges, while developing the research-oriented experts and integrating the skills that will enable continued advancements in and on -beyond SH2.

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