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As a new era dawns for the tallest attraction of its kind in North America, here’s a look at the history of the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway:

1888: Wisconsin inventor and entrepreneur Zalmon Simmons visits Pikes Peak to inspect its telegraphic insulators atop the summit. Two tough days on a mule made him think of a more efficient and comfortable way to get to the top of the mountain.

1889: Manitou and Pikes Peak Railway Co. is founded and construction begins.

1890: Three steam locomotives arrive from Baldwin Locomotive Works in Pennsylvania. The first passengers on the train reach the summit a year later.

1925: Simmons sells the railway to Spencer Penrose, owner of Broadmoor.

1938: The decade sees a change in steam and coal engines. This year, an autonomous gasoline wagon is installed, considered the first of its kind.

1964: Where the General Electric Co. of New York was called upon for the gas fleet, now Swiss Locomotive Works enters the fold. The Swiss company delivers two red wagons – the first in a series that sets the standard for the modern era.

1974: With tourism booming and operators looking for a train that can carry more than 200 people, Swiss Locomotive Works delivers a pair of diesel-hydraulic wagons. Others were eventually added and used in the 2000s.

2018: After 126 years of service, the railway decides not to open for the season, following a major assessment of infrastructure and equipment.

2021: The railway returns with improved trains – and three new ones from Swiss manufacturer Stadler – as well as a restructured cogwheel track. The deposit is also renovated.

Sources: Colorado Encyclopedia, Manitou Cog Railway and Pikes Peak

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A Guide to the State Class A Softball Tournament | Softball in high school https://raileisure.com/a-guide-to-the-state-class-a-softball-tournament-softball-in-high-school/ https://raileisure.com/a-guide-to-the-state-class-a-softball-tournament-softball-in-high-school/#respond Wed, 26 May 2021 23:30:00 +0000 https://raileisure.com/a-guide-to-the-state-class-a-softball-tournament-softball-in-high-school/

Tournament status


At Stodden Park in Butte, Montana

Champion 2019: Belgrade

Who’s back: Frenchtown, Polson, Laurel, Livingston, Columbia Falls, Lewistown

Who is new: Corvallis, Glendive, Libby, Billings Central, Havre, Butte Central

At the beginning: After three consecutive state championships, Belgrade is no longer part of the Class A competition, which means that a new team will be crowned champions for the first time since 2017. The Polson Pirates appear to be a strong candidate, as they in addition boast admirable team chemistry. to their record of 19-1-1. The Pirates were favored to win the 2020 State Championship, but were not given the chance to hit the pitch due to the pandemic. As the sitting champions of the Northwest Conference, the Pirates, led by senior star Josie Caye, could prove to be a tough game for any team in the tournament. The Pirates have a first-round pass and will face the winner of Corvallis and Dawson County on Thursday.

In the circle: The undefeated Laurel Locomotives are also a team to watch, as they enter the State Tournament after a 5-4 win over Livingston in the Southeast Division Championship game. Ella Crookston pitched a full game in the divisional championship and will be the one to watch on the mound in the state tournament. In addition to the Crookston pitch, the locomotives are equipped with powerful hitters, including Mia Andersen and Taylor Feller. But the champions of the Southwestern Conference, the Frenchtown Broncs, are not to be counted. Frenchtown coach Eli Field has guided his team to ten conference titles in 16 years as a coach. Hitting isn’t the Bronc’s only strength, as their shot is led by Sadie Smith and Kendra Jacobs. But the team’s greatest strength is the work ethic and preparation, according to Field.

Around the bases: Billings Central took last place in the Southeast State tournament with a victory over Hardin in the divisional tournament’s third-place game. Le Havre fell to Lewistown in the Northeast Division Championship, with both teams participating in the State Tournament. Glendive defeated Miles City in the third-place divisional game to secure his place in the tournament. Butte Central improved throughout the year as they lost to other Columbia Falls and Lewistown state tournament teams early in the season. But as the season wore on, Butte Central coach Chunky Thatcher saw his side as competitive as the state tournament approached. Libby also made the cut, representing the North West Division.

Weather and attendance: Cloudy skies and temperatures ranging from 50 to 60 degrees were forecast. Daily tournament passes are $ 8 ($ 6 for students) and tournament passes are $ 21 ($ 14 for students). Tournament programs and products will be sold during the tournament.

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How St. Louis relies on a Port of Virginia rail connection https://raileisure.com/how-st-louis-relies-on-a-port-of-virginia-rail-connection/ https://raileisure.com/how-st-louis-relies-on-a-port-of-virginia-rail-connection/#respond Wed, 26 May 2021 20:44:04 +0000 https://raileisure.com/how-st-louis-relies-on-a-port-of-virginia-rail-connection/

Written by

William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief

The St. Louis area relies heavily on its Norfolk Southern and CSX rail link to the Port of Virginia, hundreds of miles on the East Coast, to maintain its position “as one of the major centers for freight and shipping. multimodal distribution in the United States. ”The relationship was discussed in detail at the FreightWeekSTL 2021 conference, hosted by Bi-State Development, which operates the St. Louis Regional Freightway.

Aaron Katrancha, Breakbulk, Ro-Ro and Rail sales manager for the Port of Virginia, spoke with Mary Lamie, executive vice president of multimodal companies at Two-state development. Lamie noted that the Saint-Louis regional freight the organization “is taking the lead in helping to ensure shippers are aware of scheduled rail services and the benefits they offer.”

The St. Louis Regional Freightway is described as “a two-state development company formed to create a regional freight district and full authority for freight operations and opportunities in eight counties in Illinois and Missouri, which include the metropolitan region of Saint-Louis. Public and private sector companies collaborate with the St. Louis Regional Freightway on marketing, public advocacy, and freight and infrastructure development.

“The Port of Virginia is one of the main gateways from the St. Louis region to the world,” Katrancha said. “Dedicated rail service provided by Norfolk Southern and CSX connects the St. Louis area to the East Coast port, where more than $ 900 million has been invested over the past three years. This investment doubled the capacity of the Port of Virginia and improved the efficiency of transporting freight on and off rail and ocean carriers. This translates to time and money savings for importers and exporters in the St. Louis area who use the Port of Virginia and its shipping services for global connectivity.

“We have 30 weekly services with our ocean carrier customers, giving shippers in the community of St. Louis or any of our domestic routes many options. You can get to virtually anywhere in the world from the Port of Virginia – Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, Mediterranean, South America – you name it. We have these global connections to deliver the St Louis market. ”

Of its 30 shipping services, Katrancha said 11 were Asian, “which demonstrates the transition in global freight flows in recent years. While it was once this trans-Pacific trade connected to the west coast, today the Port of Virginia’s largest trading partner, both for import and export, is China, with ships arriving at the port. via the Suez Canal and the widening of the Panama Canal. This has enabled the Port of Virginia to increase the volumes passing through the port and underscores the importance of its partnerships with railways. Rail links between intermodal stations in the St. Louis area and the Port of Virginia work very well as a commercial airline. service – according to a very concrete timetable on which our customers can adjust their watches. “

From the St. Louis area, Norfolk Southern currently offers scheduled service six days a week, on both the import and export side. On the import side, once a train is loaded at the port, it reaches the Norfolk South Terminal in St. Louis in four days to be picked up by truck and driven to its final destination. Likewise, CSX on the import side offers regular service five days a week, with its trains reaching the CSX terminal in East St. Louis, Ill., In four days as well. On the export side, the CSX scheduled service runs once a week, but Katrancha said that “depends on the volume, and once there are new customers it can increase”.

“The benefit for customers in the St. Louis area is the combination of nearby intermodal terminals served by the two Class I railways that provide highly efficient services connecting the Port of Virginia, which also builds capacity. and the efficiency of our port terminals and the port for the future, ”Katrancha said. “The flexibility, reliability, efficiency of this global connection are really essential. Considering the volumes passing through the Port of Virginia in recent months, even in the midst of COVID-19, it is evident that shippers have already discovered this gateway and are benefiting from the investments that have been made at the Port of Virginia, including the The addition of two new ship-to-shore cranes, which are 175 feet tall are the largest in the Americas, capable of handling the largest ships entering the port area. Two more cranes will be added this year, offering even greater efficiency. “

“November 2020 has been a banner month for us at the port,” said Katrancha. “In March, we almost broke that record. It really does mean something because March usually doesn’t beat November, the rush hour for us. Despite the high volumes, with the efficiency and capacity that we have invested in the terminals, our parameters have remained the same. “

These measurements measure truck turnaround times and how quickly a box can be loaded onto a railcar from the seagoing vessel or vice versa, “and it stayed within the 48 hour threshold, which was critical for the port. during this period, ”noted Katrancha. “Not only did they not miss a beat and were able to accept more ships than they ever had before, but some of the ships they got were because they couldn’t fit into another. port elsewhere. Some of these ships were late coming from other places. We were able, inside our bunk windows, to efficiently work the ships, move the crates between the stacks, work the rail and make the trucks work to get them out of the door. It’s really a testament to not only our operations team and the great work they do there, but also all the work that has gone into creating these efficiencies. ”

The port currently transports approximately 3.2 million TEU (twenty foot equivalent units) per year, which equates to approximately 1.7 million 40 foot containers per year. There is a good balance between imports and exports, which is especially important when looking at the rail side of the business, ”Katrancha said. “Everywhere between 32% and 38% of our activities travel by rail. It’s a difficult network for railways and port terminals to manage if you move around in a bunch of empty wagons so you can deal with an imbalance between imports and exports. Our relative balance between imports and exports on rail provides additional efficiency for our rail services. And it’s also good for senders. It creates efficiency.

Katrancha said ocean carriers want the most direct service for their containers, which make up a large portion of their assets. “Shipping carriers want them back as quickly as possible,” he said. “So it’s important to bring containers to a market and then remove them as efficiently as possible. We have the most direct train service to and from Saint-Louis. We offer not only freight owners but also container lines a very efficient product ”

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How to get around Portugal https://raileisure.com/how-to-get-around-portugal/ https://raileisure.com/how-to-get-around-portugal/#respond Wed, 26 May 2021 17:05:33 +0000 https://raileisure.com/how-to-get-around-portugal/

Home to world-class beaches, attractive and exciting cities and protected natural parks, Portugal is the kind of place where it’s hard to limit yourself to one place. Fortunately, the country has an excellent, affordable transport network – as well as plenty of rental opportunities for two and four-wheeled vehicles – making traveling around this Iberian wonder a breeze. Here’s how to get around Portugal.

Cross-country trains connect most cities in Portugal, including pretty Porto © Mapics / Shutterstock


Portugal has an extensive rail network that spans almost the entire country, allowing affordable, comfortable, convenient and often scenic trips between destinations. Trains connect to popular tourist spots such as Lisbon, Faro, Lagos, Porto and Figueria da Foz, while international connections serve Paris and Madrid.

CP (Comboios de Portugal) is the main rail operator in the country, operating four main types of long distance services (note that international services are marked IN on the timetables):

  • Regional (R): slow trains that stop almost everywhere.
  • Interregional (IR): faster services that skip smaller stations.
  • Intercidade (IC): express trains which tend to stop only in large cities.
  • Alfa Pendular Deluxe: slightly faster than express trains and much more expensive.

Only Faro-Porto Comboio Azul and international trains such as Sud-Expresso and Talgo Lusitânia have dining cars, although all IC and Alfa trains have aisle service and most have bars.

Lisbon and Porto have their own urbano (suburban) rail networks. The Lisbon network extends to Sintra, Cascais, Setúbal and in the lower valley of the Tejo. The Porto network takes the definition of “suburb” to new lengths, extending to Braga, Guimarães and Aveiro. Urbano services also run between Coimbra and Figueira da Foz.

Trains can be booked online via the CP official website, or at stations across the country. Intercidade and Alfa Pendular tickets up to 30 days in advance, although you usually have little trouble booking for the next day or even the same day. Other services can only be booked 24 hours in advance.

It should be noted that children under five travel for free and those between five and 12 travel at half price. Additionally, travelers aged 65 and over can get 50% off any service by showing ID.


Cheaper than trains, but slower and generally less comfortable, buses are ideal for getting around Portugal on a shoestring budget, or for visiting smaller towns and villages (especially far from the coast) that aren’t on the safe side. the rail network.

A multitude of small private bus operators, most of them merged into regional companies, manage a dense network of services across the country. Among the greatest are Rede Expressos, Rodonorte and the Algarve line Eva Transportes.

Bus services fall into three main categories:

  • Carreiras: marked “CR”, these are slow services, stopping at all intersections.
  • Expressos and Rápidas: Comfortable and fast buses. The former tends to circulate between large cities, the latter around specific regions. These tend to be the most popular with tourists.
  • Alta Qualidade: A category of fast luxury offered by some companies.

Even in summer, you will have no problem booking an espresso ticket for the same day or the next day. On the other hand, local services can be reduced to almost nothing on weekends, especially in the summer when school is out. For precise information on timetables and prices, go to the ticket office at the bus station, available in most cities.

A narrow Portuguese street with old classic vintage VW Beetle car parked in Lisbon, Portugal.
Portugal is great for exploring on two or four wheels © Andrii Lutsyk / Shutterstock

Car and motorbike

Exploring Portugal on two or four wheels is a great way to see the country, allowing you to move around freely without being tied to the public transport network. The country’s modest network of estradas (highways) is gradually spreading across the country, and the main roads are paved and generally in good condition. Driving can be tricky in the small walled towns of Portugal, however, where the roads can shrink to the size of a donkey cart before you know it and evil one-way systems can force you down. move away.

Nationals of EU countries, UK, USA and Brazil only need their domestic driver’s license to drive a car or motorcycle in Portugal. Others should obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) through an automobile licensing service or automobile club in their home country.

Renting a car in Portugal is relatively straightforward and rental outfits can be found in major cities and major airports like Lisbon, Porto and Faro. Competition has driven the Algarve’s fares to lower prices than elsewhere, and booking in advance will usually save you money. Car rental companies available in the country include Amoita, Vacation cars and Europcar among many others.

Motorcycles and scooters can be hired in major cities and all over the Algarve coast. Expect to pay between € 30- € 60 per day for a scooter / motorbike.

By law, car seat belts must be worn in the front and rear seats, and children under 12 cannot ride in the front. Motorcyclists and their passengers must wear helmets and motorcycles must have their headlights on day and night. It is also illegal in Portugal to drive while talking on a cell phone.


Flights within mainland Portugal are expensive, and for short distances it’s not really worth considering. However, TAP offers several daily flights Lisbon-Porto and Lisbon-Faro (in less than an hour) all year round. For Porto in Faro, change in Lisbon.

A young woman cycling on a narrow wooden promenade in Carrapateira, Portugal.  In the distance, the blue sea is visible.
Cycling is popular all over Portugal © Enrique Díaz / 7cero / Getty Images


Cycling is popular in Portugal, although there are few dedicated cycle paths. There are many possible routes in the mountainous national / natural parks of the north (in particular the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês), along the coast or through the plains of Alentejo. Coastal trips are easiest from north to south, with prevailing winds. More demanding is the Serra da Estrela (which serves as the “mountain race” of the Tour de Portugal). You can also try the Serra do Marão between Amarante and Vila Real.

However, cycling conditions are not perfect everywhere, with paved roads in some centers of the old town likely to break your teeth if your tires aren’t big enough; they must be at least 38 mm in diameter.

Local bike clubs regularly organize Passeio BTT trips; consult their flyers at rental agencies, bicycle shops and turismos. There are many places to rent bikes, especially in the Algarve and other tourist areas. Prices vary from € 10 to € 25 per day. Guided trips are often available to popular tourist destinations.

Boxed or bagged bicycles can be carried free of charge on all regional and interregional trains as accompanied baggage. They can also be unpacked on a few commuter services on weekends or for a small fee outside of peak hours. Most national bus lines do not accept bicycles on board.


Getting on one of Portugal’s archaic trams has become one of the country’s must-see experiences. These charming, clicking relics roll through the narrow streets of Lisbon and Porto, and are a good way to get a cheap sightseeing tour of both cities. For this reason, they are often very busy in the height of summer – opt for an early morning trip to secure your seat.

How to spend 24 hours in Lisbon, Portugal

Accessible transport in Portugal

Disabled facilities in Portugal are somewhat limited. While public offices and agencies are required to provide access and facilities for people with disabilities, private companies are not. Newer and larger hotels tend to have adapted rooms, although the facilities may not be up to par; ask the local turismo. Most campsites have accessible toilets and some hostels have facilities for people with disabilities.

Lisbon Airport is wheelchair accessible, while Porto and Faro airports have accessible toilets.

Parking spaces are allocated at many locations, but are frequently occupied. The EU parking card entitles visitors to the same street parking concessions as those granted to residents with disabilities.

Two useful resources for travelers with disabilities are Accessible Portugal, a Lisbon-based association promoting accessible tourism and the brains behind the excellent TUR4all Portugal application (Android and iOS), which functions as a database of tourism resources and services accessible across Portugal and Spain, and Secretaria do Nacional de Reabilitação, the national government organization representing people with disabilities. It provides information, provides links to useful operations and publishes guides (in Portuguese) that give advice on barrier-free accommodation, transport, shops, restaurants and sights.

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Maidstone shunter driver Terry Currie who lost his arm in a terrible accident at Dollands Moor Freight Yard in Folkestone demands that employer DB Cargo admit liability https://raileisure.com/maidstone-shunter-driver-terry-currie-who-lost-his-arm-in-a-terrible-accident-at-dollands-moor-freight-yard-in-folkestone-demands-that-employer-db-cargo-admit-liability/ https://raileisure.com/maidstone-shunter-driver-terry-currie-who-lost-his-arm-in-a-terrible-accident-at-dollands-moor-freight-yard-in-folkestone-demands-that-employer-db-cargo-admit-liability/#respond Wed, 26 May 2021 11:44:00 +0000 https://raileisure.com/maidstone-shunter-driver-terry-currie-who-lost-his-arm-in-a-terrible-accident-at-dollands-moor-freight-yard-in-folkestone-demands-that-employer-db-cargo-admit-liability/

A father of two who lost his right arm after a horrific collision at work asks his employer to publicly accept his responsibilities and apologize so he can start rebuilding his life.

Terry Currie, 45 from Maidstone, suffered life-changing injuries when a freight train collided with the gasoline-powered buggy he was driving over a crossing during a routine shift as as shunting driver for DB Cargo.

Terry Currie is an avid cyclist in his spare time

This happened in 2018 at the Dollands Moor freight yard in Folkestone.

Mr Currie, who was due to marry his fiancee Maxine shortly after the crash, attempted to jump out of the vehicle to avoid the head-on collision but was dragged more than 20 meters after the collision.

At Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on March 22, the Doncaster-based company was fined £ 200,000 after an Office of Rail and Road (ORR) investigation found that freight operator no ‘had failed to protect its workers, by not providing a safe way to cross. rail tracks.

The prosecution found that the tunnels under the tracks had fallen into disrepair, one closed and the other unusable due to faulty lighting, so drivers were forced to cross the tracks at one crossing. level, without proper signaling to alert them of oncoming trains.

Since the incident Mr Currie has undergone intensive rehabilitation and will need serious care for the rest of his life, including specialized prosthetics which cost over £ 100,000 to install and maintain.

Terry Currie from Maidstone
Terry Currie from Maidstone

Mr Currie said: “My life will never be the same after the accident. The past two years have been difficult to come to terms with and it is not lost on me that I am incredibly lucky to be alive.

“You don’t realize how losing your arm affects simple things like playing with my kids, camping, cycling and soccer. I honestly cannot thank my fiancee Maxine and our two young children for the strength and support they have given me since the accident.

He added: “We have been asked to work in incredibly dangerous conditions for years and my accident could easily have been avoided.

“Although DB Cargo has provided support in terms of rehabilitation, it must accept responsibility for the permanent damage that its negligence has caused to my life, and it should bear the full cost of my recovery.

An avid footballer, Mr. Currie has played in a local six-a-side league and is an avid cyclist in his spare time.

“… my accident could easily have been avoided.”

Prior to joining DB Cargo, the UK’s largest freight operator, he had over five years of rail industry experience working for contractors employed by Network Rail.

Lawyers representing Mr. Currie say “systemic failures” lead to this horrific incident that must be taken into account.

Trevor Sterling, Partner and Major Injury Manager at Moore Barlow Law Firm, said: “The serious failures of DB Cargo and the lack of proper safety measures meant that an accident at this yard was inevitable.

“The corners were severely cut, and that ultimately led to Terry’s horrible accident.

“DB Cargo must be held accountable for the terrible consequences of their fault and can learn the lessons that will prevent this from happening again.

“But the failures of this endeavor should not be viewed in isolation.

“There is a systemic safety issue in the freight industry, government cuts mean underfunded regulators cannot oversee and properly enforce the appropriate standards.”

A spokesperson for DB Cargo UK said: “The safety of our employees, other rail users and the general public is of utmost importance to DB Cargo UK.

“Although deeply regrettable, this was a unique and isolated incident and voluntary action was immediately taken by the company to stop using all strollers at Dollands Moor.

“Site risk assessments and safe working systems have been reviewed and all operators have received appropriate refresher training.”

Read more: All the latest news from Maidstone

Read more: All the latest news from Folkestone

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Make an offer to put Dame Vera Lynn back on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway tracks https://raileisure.com/make-an-offer-to-put-dame-vera-lynn-back-on-the-north-yorkshire-moors-railway-tracks/ https://raileisure.com/make-an-offer-to-put-dame-vera-lynn-back-on-the-north-yorkshire-moors-railway-tracks/#respond Wed, 26 May 2021 09:30:22 +0000 https://raileisure.com/make-an-offer-to-put-dame-vera-lynn-back-on-the-north-yorkshire-moors-railway-tracks/

We have six locomotives currently in service, including the much-loved LMS Black 5 # 5428 “ Eric Treacy ”, and its sister locomotive, the LMS Black 5 44871, which was hired to cover the immense distances traveled by our fleet of locomotives. each year – over 50,000 miles through the beautiful North York Moors and beyond to Whitby.

In addition to guest engines, NYMR resident locomotives are also in service, including: “SR S15 class # 825” built in 1920; “BR 9F No.92134” built in 1957; “BR Standard 4 Tank No. 80136”, built in 1956; plus the oldest current steam locomotive on the NYMR, “Lambton Colliery No.29”, built in 1904 – retracing over 117 years of steam locomotive development and history.

These are exciting times at NYMR – not least because, ahead of the first anniversary next month of the passing of “ The Force’s Sweetheart, ” we’re excited to announce the start of the supply review for Locomotive No. 3672 “ Lady Vera Lynn ”. .

It is hoped that work on the Dame Vera Lynn locomotive can be completed for the 2024-25 season.

It is hoped that work on the Dame Vera Lynn locomotive can be completed for the 2024-25 season.

A call to raise the £ 600,000 and over needed to fully restore the special locomotive and put it back into service currently stands at over £ 175,000, thanks to the generosity of the general public.

It is estimated that an additional £ 450,000 is still needed to fully fund this important project.

However, with the funds raised so far, the NYMR has announced the start of the restoration of the locomotive, proceeding to the tender.

The locomotive is part of the general plan of the Department of Motive Power (MPD) of the NYMR; it is hoped that the work on Dame Vera Lynn can be completed by 2024/2025, in connection with the 80th anniversary of the locomotive and the 80th anniversary of Victory Day.

Supply restoration will be undertaken by Rochdale-based Riley & Son, and involves the renewal of the supply’s all-new water tank, new springs, new axlebox bearings and a train overhaul. of brake.

Ian Foot, member of the restoration team, said: “This is a monumental step in the restoration of the locomotive; the project is doable, and determination, passion and drive are there to see it

“However, like any other steam locomotive, it does require money, and we urge anyone who would like to see it back on track on its 80th birthday to donate to the call.”

Clifford Brown, who bought Dame Vera Lynn and Repton in the late 1980s, put both locomotives in trust at the NYMR when he began to suffer from health problems.

While Repton has enjoyed regular overhauls and periods of traffic, Dame Vera has sadly been left out of action.

As we celebrate the good news, we still need your help so that we can get number 3672 Dame Vera Lynn back to steam and visitors can once again enjoy the sight and sound of this iconic locomotive!

A £ 10 donation will help buy nuts and bolts or a £ 100 donation will help buy parts such as new fire bars.

Visit the appeal website www.nymr.co.uk/DVL for more information and to find out how you can help support the restoration of this iconic locomotive.

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Human error remains the main cause of cyber attacks https://raileisure.com/human-error-remains-the-main-cause-of-cyber-attacks/ https://raileisure.com/human-error-remains-the-main-cause-of-cyber-attacks/#respond Wed, 26 May 2021 04:25:00 +0000 https://raileisure.com/human-error-remains-the-main-cause-of-cyber-attacks/

Human error is still one of the most common causes of cyber attacks, according to a new study from Nixu.

According to the study, more than a third of all cyber attacks involve internal actors and more than a third included social engineering.

Many violations result from inadequate safety hygiene and a lack of attention to detail. Social engineering is becoming more and more sophisticated and therefore effective. Organizations of all sizes should pay attention to human error and cybersecurity training.

“However, most companies do not adequately train their employees on security issues,” says Anu Laitila, head of cybersecurity awareness activities at Nixu.

Together with her team, Laitila creates security awareness activities and programs for companies and organizations from various sectors.

Awareness campaigns can include lectures, exercises, games, blogs, or any type of engaging content. The trigger can be anything that will help people remember safety actions.

“We even created an escape room experience concept for employees,” explains Laitila.

The European cybersecurity company has started a cooperation with one of the largest security awareness training platforms in the world, KnowBe4, which continuously trains company employees in the identification of phishing and of social engineering.

A complete tool to boost learning
In its services, Nixu uses advanced tools to improve awareness in various ways, depending on the needs of its client organizations. One of the largest integrated security awareness platforms is KnowBe4 which contains the world’s largest library of security awareness content including automated training campaigns, mock phishing attacks and a wide range content in different formats. The company has created a television series called “The Inside Man” which covers various aspects of social engineering.

With the KnowBe4 platform, CISOs can create automated and ongoing awareness campaigns and follow up with those who need an extra helping hand.

Campaigns can also be targeted at a specific department, such as the human resources or finance team, and help design a personal learning path for them.

It is also possible to use groups according to their learning levels. Reports provided by KnowBe4 support the development of cybersecurity programs and common business practices. Risk managers, IT managers, development managers, or other managers with strategic roles can see the current state of staff security maturity.

Enter a new era of security
Cyber ​​security has long been seen only as a technical issue. With many unfortunate cybersecurity incidents, breaches, and the ever growing trend of social engineering, businesses are starting to see the big picture and the human factor that surrounds it.

“Businesses should invest in the technical side – security operations centers, software and application security, identity and access management, to name a few – but the palette is not full. until a good safety awareness program is running, ”says Laitila.

“And that goes for businesses of all sizes. The culture change in business is happening and pioneering organizations are quickly adopting new work habits.”

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Steam locomotive 45562 Alberta will pass through Keighley en route to York on Wednesday https://raileisure.com/steam-locomotive-45562-alberta-will-pass-through-keighley-en-route-to-york-on-wednesday/ https://raileisure.com/steam-locomotive-45562-alberta-will-pass-through-keighley-en-route-to-york-on-wednesday/#respond Tue, 25 May 2021 10:16:35 +0000 https://raileisure.com/steam-locomotive-45562-alberta-will-pass-through-keighley-en-route-to-york-on-wednesday/

LMS Jubilee # 45699 Galatea, disguised as 45562 Alberta, will be on the mainline this Wednesday, May 26, 2021, as it heads to York, ready for the Scarborough Spa Express season.

The Jubilee will travel from Carnforth to the National Railway Museum in York.

The train will depart Carnforth Steamtown at 08:37 am and will pass through Settle Junction (09:45), Hellifield (09:50), Gargrave (10:28), Skipton (10:35), Keighley (11:11), Shipley (11:20) ), Leeds (11:37 am), Cross Gates (11:52 am), Micklefield (12:00 pm), Church Fenton (12:06 pm), York (12:20 pm) and York NRM at 12:34 pm.

The above times are approximate only, please see links to the tracking pages below.

If you are going to visit Alberta, remember to follow all government social distancing guidelines and hide the rules if you are traveling on public transportation.


To know the times of these movements, please click on the link (s) below:

If you go out and see 45562, why not sign up for LocoStop. This is our rail community, and allows you to share your photos of your adventures! Click here to register for free.

As always, please respect the dangers of the railroad. Please do not enter the railroad tracks to view this iconic locomotive – stay at public access points!

Where next?

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Norfolk residents urged to have their say on Ely rail improvements https://raileisure.com/norfolk-residents-urged-to-have-their-say-on-ely-rail-improvements/ https://raileisure.com/norfolk-residents-urged-to-have-their-say-on-ely-rail-improvements/#respond Tue, 25 May 2021 10:14:00 +0000 https://raileisure.com/norfolk-residents-urged-to-have-their-say-on-ely-rail-improvements/

The people of Norfolk have been urged to have their say in plans to tackle a rail bottleneck, with council leaders saying it could improve rail services and boost the county’s economy.

Network Rail’s second round of public consultations to increase rail capacity via Ely began this week.

The north, south, east and west lines all meet at Ely, Cambridgeshire, including services from Norwich and King’s Lynn.

The owner and operator of the rail infrastructure says the system is at full capacity and has £ 22million in funding to develop plans and consult them.

Last year there were consultations on the changes at Ely North Junction, and attention has now turned to Ely South.

The six-week consultation includes track and platform changes at Ely station, bridge improvements and the closure of a level crossing.

Illustrative plan showing the main features of the railway infrastructure in the southern area of ​​Ely
– Credit: Network Rail

You can also watch:

Network Rail says the program could increase the number of off-peak passenger and freight trains in each direction, from 6.5 trains per hour in each direction to 10 per hour in each direction, including additional trains between King’s Lynn and London.

And Martin Wilby, a member of the Norfolk County Council’s cabinet for highways, infrastructure and transportation, urged people to respond to the consultation.

Martin Wilby, Member of the Highways and Infrastructure Cabinet at Norfolk County Council

Martin Wilby, Member of the Highways and Infrastructure Cabinet at Norfolk County Council.
– Credit: Simon Parkin

He said: “We fully support investments to help break the bottleneck at Ely which, at the moment, severely limits the number of trains that can run from King’s Lynn to London and Norwich to the west.

“This crucial program has the potential to increase rail capacity, improve connectivity, provide a potential increase in passenger services and support the rail freight industry, all of which are even more important than ever because we want to as Norfolk and the economy of the region as a whole. , to emerge as strongly as possible from the effects of the pandemic.

“We will take a close look at the consultation and provide a thoughtful response to the proposals and options that were released this week, and I urge others to do the same.”

Another public consultation is scheduled for later in 2021 on the remodeling of the track alignment at the Ely North junction.

Due to the coronavirus, Network Rail is organizing the consultation consultation at www.networkrail.co.uk/Ely

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ITS Education Asia and UNITAR collaborate on the Asia-Pacific Youth Ambassador Program https://raileisure.com/its-education-asia-and-unitar-collaborate-on-the-asia-pacific-youth-ambassador-program/ https://raileisure.com/its-education-asia-and-unitar-collaborate-on-the-asia-pacific-youth-ambassador-program/#respond Tue, 25 May 2021 10:03:13 +0000 https://raileisure.com/its-education-asia-and-unitar-collaborate-on-the-asia-pacific-youth-ambassador-program/

Hong Kong, China / Hiroshima, Japan – The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and ITS Education Asia will jointly launch the UNITAR Youth Ambassador Program for Asia-Pacific in Hong Kong and other towns of China. 10-week program empowers high school students to help our world rebuild better, greener and stronger since the recent pandemic that swept the world. It trains young people in sustainable development and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (ODD).

“Young people are the driving force behind social development and how we act together to advance the SDGs now determines their future, not ours.”

says Mr. Danny Harrington, Managing Director of ITS Education Asia. “We are grateful to UNITAR for recognizing our unwavering commitment to education for sustainable development and the promotion of global citizenship among young leaders in Hong Kong, China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. “

“Our engagement with UpLink, the World Economic Forum’s platform to mobilize innovation to advance the SDGs, has made it clear that young people are impatient to create systemic change, ”

says Mr. Kenneth Kwok, Founder and CEO of Global Citizen Capital and KIDsforSDGs. “This Youth Ambassador program will be one where young people can co-design the framework and co-organize the content for their future.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with ITS Education Asia and expand education for sustainable development through innovation”,

says Ms. Mihoko Kumamoto, Director of UNITAR Prosperity Division and UNITAR Hiroshima Office. UNITAR runs various programs to develop the capacities of young leaders around the world.

The UNITAR Youth Ambassador for Asia-Pacific program will debut in Hong Kong in September 2021 with the support of 20 official partner schools. It will be expanded to various cities in China in 2022, followed by other Asia-Pacific countries in 2023.

About ITS Education Asia

ITS Education Asia has built an ecosystem of learning opportunities and educational services in Hong Kong, including: a one-of-a-kind alternative school for students whose traditional system has failed; an open examination center; a wide range of admission support for schools and universities; and a range of extracurricular partnerships. ITS has a history of innovation: it is still the only alternative school in Hong Kong, and launched SDG Education in 2020. The Young Changemaker Incubator is at the heart of the ITS ecosystem and will continue to grow by adding related components. such as WFUNA and Cours UNITAR through its non-profit foundation and working with aligned organizations such KIDsforSDGs.


The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) provides innovative learning solutions to individuals, organizations and institutions to strengthen global and national action for a better future. Based in Hiroshima, the Prosperity Division trains present and future change makers in developing countries, especially young people and women, so they can shape a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous world.

/ Public publication. This material is from the original organization and may be ad hoc in nature, edited for clarity, style and length. View full here.

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