Fake-girl sting lands 30 year old delinquent

A Garner man who thought he would entice a 13-year-old from Alamance County into sex will spend the next 30 years in prison and the next 50 years under the watchful eye of the federal government.

Joseph Daniel Oran, 34, was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison, followed by 20 years of surveillance after his release for attempting to seduce a minor and possession of child pornography. He pleaded guilty in May, according to a press release from the North Carolina Central District U.S. Attorney’s Office. Investigators say he took the same bait that put at least two other inmates in federal prison in little more than the past two years – a detective masquerading as a child online.

Oran was already a registered sex offender on Halloween 2017 when he went to meet a high school student from Alamance County with whom he had been chatting on social media for almost two months.

Alamance County Sheriff’s Detective Zachary Neefe, in an undercover operation that took place almost entirely online, created a profile in September 2017 by pretending to be a 13-year-old girl on a chat app popular with teens called Kik Messenger. He started receiving direct messages from account bj369369369 on September 7th. The account user claimed to be a 16 year old boy and later the boy’s adult brother. The account was linked to the [email protected] email address.

Neefe responded in character. Within days, the messages turned sexual, and on Halloween, Neefe and Oran exchanged more than 2,410 messages, according to court records, including “Like what do you want to do 2 me lol? [Grinning squinting face emoji]In response to Oran’s writing about having sex with the “girl” for the first time.

Exchanges in the court’s factual document show Oran asking the “girl” to meet him at a park in Graham to take explicit photos of her in a public bathroom and have sex, which he has. described in detail. He also offered to send her videos of underage girls having sex with adult men and sent a photo of what he claimed to be his penis.

Messages from October 30 show Oran asking the alleged 13-year-old how to get to a house to meet for sex, court records show. In the exchange, he asked what year she was born. He replied “cool” to “2004” and wished her a happy 14th birthday.

Oran saw a deputy when he got to the address, got back into his car and left the scene, but the license plate on the car drove to Oran, and he was later arrested near his house. to Garner. While removing the app, an agent from Homeland Security Investigations – an investigative agency within Immigration and Customs Enforcement – found evidence on Oran’s phone of the Kik Messenger account. It also led to a Dropbox account also associated with Oran’s email with a file titled ‘teenage girls’ and 72 child porn videos.

In 2011, Oran was convicted in Wake County for soliciting a child by computer and taking indecent liberties with a minor, according to the NC Court System. The register indicates that the victim was 15 years old. Oran was 23 years old. He was sentenced to six years of probation.

The ongoing AOSO investigation also sent Jeffrey Brandeis to jail in 2019 for 10 years after he was arrested while meeting a fictional girl in a park.

Durham man gets 10 years in child sex case

Adrian Rodriguez, 35, of Jamestown, North Carolina, was arrested in a Saxapahaw parking lot in 2017 where he thought he was meeting a minor, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and sentenced to over 12 years in 2018.

Child sex suspect faces more charges

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