easyJet and BA cancel more flights as Eurostar trains are delayed by 60 minutes

British holidaymakers hoping to get away for the Jubilee long weekend are facing disruption at airports and train stations – as airports brace for a huge surge in passenger traffic.

The week’s flight cancellations continued this morning with easyJet canceling at least 36 domestic and European flights on Thursday to and from its largest base, London Gatwick.

British Airways has canceled more than 120 short-haul flights to and from its main base, London Heathrow Airport. BA says flight cancellations are planned in advance and passengers have been notified in advance.

Meanwhile, passengers hoping for a smoother train journey to Europe have also faced disruption, with Eurostar services heavily delayed due to a death on the tracks in France.

The company released a statement on social media shortly after 9:39 a.m., saying: “Due to a death in the north of France, our services are experiencing disruption. Please arrive at the station at the time indicated on your ticket. If you miss your connection, please speak to a member of our staff. We apologize for any impact this may have on your plans.

A Eurostar spokesperson said the trains were delayed by around an hour.


Gatwick drinkers and diners are forced to improvise as queues for food and drink pile up

Bars and restaurants at Gatwick Airport have seen a surge in customers as air passengers arrive early for flights or find themselves delayed.

“Check-in and security were stress-free – busy but well organised,” reports Chris Shearer, who is at the airport waiting for a delayed easyJet flight to Verona.

“It’s the bars and restaurants that are a joke.”

Mr Shearer sent a video of the queue at Gatwick’s North Terminal Wetherspoons pub, which currently stretches across the departure lounge.

“People use the bureau de change as a makeshift standing table…people drink in and among communal rest areas,” he says.

Chris and his friends, meanwhile, decided to skip the lines and improvise with miniature wine bottles on the steps to the departure lounge.

Chris and his friends at Gatwick

(Chris Sherer)

Lucy ThackrayJune 2, 2022 4:19 p.m.


Some easyJet flights grounded on Friday as staff shortages continue to disrupt airline schedules

Britain’s biggest low-cost airline, easyJet, has made another round of flight cancellations for the second day of the Platinum Jubilee holiday.

The Independent identified some of the ground flights to and from easyJet’s largest base, London Gatwick.

The only service of the day to Munich has been canceled, as well as departures to Budapest and Barcelona.

After a large number of flights were canceled very late last week, easyJet has reduced around 24 departures a day to and from Gatwick.

Affected passengers should be transported to their intended destination on the day of original travel if seats are available, including on competing airlines.

In addition, hotel accommodation must be provided if an overnight stay is required, with commensurate meals.

Simon CalderJune 2, 2022 4:00 p.m.


Special opening on Sundays for the Elizabeth line

The last day of the Platinum Jubilee long weekend, June 5, is a Sunday – the day of the week that would normally see no service on the new Elizabeth line.

But due to the celebrations, the new railway under central London is due to open specially between around 8am and 8.30pm.

Trains run every five minutes on a short journey between Paddington station and Abbey Wood in south-east London.

The nearest station to Buckingham Palace, Bond Street, is not yet open.

The Elizabeth line, also known as the Crossrail project, opened three and a half years late.

Simon CalderJune 2, 2022 3:40 p.m.


Could Germany’s €9 rail deal prove too popular?

Large crowds of travelers converged on Hamburg’s main train station – apparently taking advantage of the ‘9-Euro-Ticket’, which allows unlimited travel anywhere in the country for the whole month of June for a single payment equivalent to £7.70 .

After traveling about 30 miles, the pass has paid for itself, meaning all travel for the rest of the month is effectively free. While the €9 ticket cannot be used on the fastest expresses, journeys across the country are perfectly feasible using the “Regional Express” trains.

A trip from Hamburg to Salzburg, just across the Austrian border (but allowed with the ticket) takes 14 or 15 hours.

British traveler Barry Freeman told The Independent: “The first test could take place next weekend. It’s Pentecost weekend.

Simon CalderJune 2, 2022 3:32 p.m.


Metro strike avoided for Friday but still scheduled for Monday of Jubilee weekend

Industrial action which was expected to affect Green Park and Euston stations in London tomorrow has been averted.

However, a separate and much larger tube strike scheduled for Monday June 6 – the day after the long weekend – is currently still scheduled.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Lucy ThackrayJune 2, 2022 2:56 p.m.


Irish transport minister accused of being ‘asleep at the wheel’ at Dublin airport

Irish Transport Minister Eamon Ryan has been accused of being ‘asleep at the wheel’ due to travel chaos at Dublin Airport over the past fortnight.

The Irish hub has seen hour-long queues with several passengers missing flights.

Speaking in the Dáil, Sinn Féin spokesman Pearse Doherty said: ‘Everyone knew aviation would bounce back once the pandemic subsided, with pent up demand for international travel, as it is . Everyone, Minister, except yourself and the Daa.

He continued, “Your government cannot properly operate an international airport under your watch. What does it say to the tourism sector that relies on Dublin Airport to operate smoothly and provide a service that tourists can rely on?

“The fact that the airport plans to operate with security staff levels at 70% of pre-pandemic levels is not acceptable.

“Now you haven’t been able to guarantee that we won’t see scenes like the ones we saw last weekend. And frankly, you slept behind the wheel of the minister.

“You slept behind the wheel through this process, only to appear last weekend.”

Mr Ryan responded by saying the scenes over the past weekend were ‘inexcusable’ but he was ‘confident’ passengers would be able to get through safely in the weeks to come.

Lucy ThackrayJune 2, 2022 2:13 p.m.


Two EU passport holders with established status asked for ‘additional ID’ to return to UK

Two women with established status in the UK claim airlines have asked them for ‘additional ID’ in order to return to the UK over the past week.

Andreea Dumitrache and Lara Parizotto were both traveling on EU passports – Romanian and Italian respectively – when they said easyJet and Ryanair staff insisted they needed to see additional ID .

Ms Parizotto filmed her meeting with an airline employee about it.

When they resisted or were unable to show alternate identification, the two say airline staff threatened to deny them boarding.

Lucy ThackrayJune 2, 2022 1:36 p.m.


Queues continue at St Pancras for Eurostar customers

“Lines, lines and more lines,” Daniela Karmios tweeted at St Pancras, posting a photo of heavy lines.

Twitter user @Alewidge added: “My Eurostar 9132 from London to Lille Europe is delayed by 1h45, which means I will miss my connection with TGV 9836 from Lille Europe to Valence TGV. This is the last train of the day in this direction from Lille. What is the solution here? »

Meanwhile, Ian T. wrote a helpful thread for those catching Eurostar trains today, saying, “Getting to KGX [St Pancras] in the 60s-90s [minute] window before your train departs is the right decision.

Lucy ThackrayJune 2, 2022 12:59 p.m.


Nightmare at Manchester Airport as passenger misses flight in security queue

A passenger has spoken of a ‘nightmare’ morning at Manchester Airport, where she says long security queues caused her and three other passengers to miss a flight.

Holly Blackwood said The Independent that she had arrived three hours before her easyJet flight – 4.45am – but still managed to fall through a three-hour security queue.

“We arrived three hours before our flight to Copenhagen. We had checked in online so we literally only had to go through security,” says Ms Blackwood, who was due to catch flight EZY1985 at 7.45am.

“Security staff were clearly overwhelmed but they kept saying everything would be fine and we would get on our flights.

“I ran to the gate but by the time I got to the gate at 7.45am it was closed. The plane was still there but the easyJet team wouldn’t let me on.

Ms Blackwood says she was able to book a later easyJet flight for tonight but now has to wait four hours to go through security again,

“I will now have a Bloody Mary!” she reports.

Lucy ThackrayJune 2, 2022 12:49 p.m.


Holidaymakers arriving in the UK report hours of waiting for luggage

As airport bosses master queue management just in time for Jubilee weekend, frustrated air passengers returning from vacation are reporting hours of waiting for baggage.

Tui customers arriving at Bristol airport this morning said The Independent over two hours for baggage to appear after an eight hour flight.

Shortly before 6am this morning, passenger Louis Parkes said he waited three hours for luggage from an easyJet flight to show up at Gatwick.

“@Gatwick_Airport Do you have any idea when the baggage for the @easyJet flight out of Dalaman has been waiting for 3 hours now and still no word from @dhlexpressuk as to when we might see it?” he wrote on social media.

Lucy ThackrayJune 2, 2022 11:51 a.m.

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