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DJIBOUTI – Douglas Ness, of Brockton, Mass., Describes himself as a “unicorn” because finding someone like him in his job is like finding a mythical creature – they just don’t exist.

Ness serves the Department of Defense in more than one capacity. It actually serves in three.

First, in his current role, Logistics Specialist 1st Class Ness is deployed to Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti (CLDJ), serving in the Supply Procurement Department as an Assistant Installation Manager. Camp Lemonnier, strategically located near the Strait of Bab al-Mandab at the southern end of the Red Sea, is a key facility that helps U.S. forces, allies and partners maintain security in Europe, Africa and Asia. from the Southwest.

When Ness is not deployed thousands of miles away on active duty orders, he is a Navy Reservist assigned to the Defense Contract Management Agency’s eastern office in Manassas, Virginia. In his reserve role, he trains contracting officers using his civilian experience.

In his last service capacity, when Ness is simply “Doug,” he serves the Department of Defense as an administrative agent for contracts with DCMA. In his civilian role, he signs contracts and provides quality review for all branches of service, overseeing contractors’ payment, negotiations and contract terms.

According to his peers, it is Ness’ unique combination of operational experience, reserve and civilian contracting and logistics management, review and training that makes him “the unicorn”.

“Ness was especially valuable to the DCMA reserve unit,” said Navy Cmdr. Justin Doster, commanding officer of DCMA Est. “First of all, he carries out the unit’s mission as a guaranteed civilian with expertise. He has trained members of our unit to provide valuable operational support during his exercise weekends. Local expertise is essential in contractual assistance. With its help, the unit functions as an augmented support unit doing valuable work. For that, we are more efficient and more productive thanks to him.

Overseeing millions of dollars in merchandise is not outside Ness’s domain. For example, he regularly oversees weekly shipments of fresh food to CLDJ, shipments valued at over $ 250,000.

“Right now, only Ness knows how to supervise and escort food stores from the flight line to the warehouse,” says Tiffany Sullivan, chief logistics specialist, who works in the Camp’s supply department. Lemonnier. “The work requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. He does a great job balancing all of his responsibilities. He wears several hats and is an essential member of the team.

When not on the flight line to ensure safe deliveries, Ness is tasked with reviewing the supply management of more than 20 offices at Camp Lemonnier. This can include anything from a stapler to a forklift.

“I’ve been trained for a lot of things,” Ness said. “The real estate inventory management book, for example, is a DCMA feature. I had to go and manage it here at Camp Lemonnier as a backup real estate agent for the installation.

Although he is not a real estate book manager at DCMA, his knowledge of subject-related contracts and the Declaration of Performance Document (PWS) allowed him to slip in directly and support Camp Lemonnier in this capacity.

Leveraging her knowledge of contracts, Ness has helped account for over 9,000 information technology (IT) items belonging to CLDJ tenant controls and base operational offices. He went to every office, every space, and counted every monitor and hard drive across the base – a monumental task.

It’s a theme in the unicorn’s working models: it saves money around it.

“Resource accountability ultimately saves government money by keeping track of what we have and seeing if it’s working properly,” Ness said.

He has also prepared his military and civilian teammates for success by helping to establish procedures for those who will serve in the future. He appreciates leaving a legacy of good work behind him.

“Ness’s predecessor left about a month before he arrived,” says Sullivan. “He will be able to train his replacement. This is of tremendous value to our department – and to the entire camp. “

Every day, Ness proves to be a unique asset to the Navy and DCMA. Offering an enlisted sailor experience while working in the procurement office, he provides unparalleled user knowledge and a unique insight into logistics management. As DCMA’s administrative officer, its assessment and review of final contracts provides an overview of the supply chain.

Ness knows when contracts and players are live and supported. Because of his familiarity with the entire procurement process – from contract to end-user delivery – Ness is an ideal trainer for the East Reserve component of DCMA. His current experience at Camp Lemonnier proves that Ness can make a major contribution to the team in a common environment, preparing everyone for success.

“I’m one of a kind,” says Ness proudly. “I’m like that unicorn in the Navy. There are no enlisted contract negotiators. I am “one of the ones”.


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