Derailed loco being lifted after 63 days at cost of Rs 15 lakh | Chandigarh News

Chandigarh: The Ambala division eventually managed to get the locomotive out of the location near Chandimandir station, where it derailed. A private company was arranged to lift the locomotive for Rs 15 lakh.
The locomotive remained in place for 63 days as the railways did not have a crane and other suitable equipment to lift and transport the locomotive, which was too heavy for the crane available with the Ambala division. The locomotive will now be transported to the electric locomotive repair depot in Ludhiana, a senior division official said.
The locomotive, which was heading to Ambala from Kalka, derailed near Chandimandir station late on the evening of October 20. Three people, including the locomotive operator, were injured when the locomotive derailed and fell into a ditch alongside the tracks.
The Ambala Division of the Northern Railways attempted to lift the locomotive but found it too heavy. The crane available to the Ambala division can only lift 70 tonnes while the derailed locomotive weighed 140 tonnes.
The railroad official said the average lifespan of a locomotive is 35 years and the derailed locomotive was only 10 years old, so it will be transferred to the Ludhiana yard for repair.
Ambala’s division suspended three crew members from the derailed locomotive and initiated proceedings under the 1968 Railway Constable (Discipline and Appeal) Rules (D&AR Rules) after being charged . Ambala control staff as well as the Ferozepur division were also recruited according to D&AR rules.
The action came after an investigation found that the three locomotive crew, including the driver, ignored the warning from maintenance personnel at the Kalka yard and drove the locomotive to the yard. ‘Ambala, causing its derailment. It derailed near Chandimandir station when the brakes were released and the driver was unable to stop the engine or reduce speed.

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