Dead dog pushed into dirty bag after being left on Scottish track for two days as railway bosses slammed

A pet rescuer has accused railway bosses of leaving a dead puppy lying on a track for two days before being put back in a dirty plastic bag.

The treatment of Pippa, a puppy rescued from Cyprus, led research group leader Liz Milligan to write a scathing letter to Network Rail chief executive Andrew Haines demanding better treatment for animals killed by trains in Scotland.

Drone pilot and trapping expert Liz, from Kilmarnock, said the pup ran away from new owners at Irvine beach on January 5 and was hit by a train as a rescue team tried to to find her.

The rescuer was sidelined for two days before being asked to pick up the dog two days later.

Liz Milligan

She wrote: ‘The member of staff arrived, went into the grass at the edge of the track and dragged a large yellow bag on the ground, through a large puddle of water and threw it at my feet .

“It contained a poor seven-month-old puppy, who had failed badly in life when he was born and then again.

“When I asked the member of staff if he had any respect for that poor pup, they said, ‘I put him in a bag, what else did you want me to do? She didn’t never should have been left in a bag by the side of the track as litter.

“The delay in identifying this dog would also have had a major impact on the outcome of a search.

“If this hadn’t been the dog I was looking for, I would have lost several days of opportunity to keep looking.”

In October, the Record reported how Pomeranian Aurora was found by Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK in Cumnock.

Liz was among the volunteers to come to the aid of owners Meghan and Mark Savage, both 29, after the dog ran away while on a walk.

Then the charity set up a cage and cameras to find the two-year-old pet.

They used a drone to search the area before setting the trap with fish as bait. and Aurora was found safe and sound inside the trap the next day.

The adventurous dog has now been nicknamed Aurora the Explorer after the popular children’s character, Dora.

Meghan spoke at the time of her joy at getting Aurora back.

She said: “It was the best time of my life. We rushed down and when she saw me she started jumping up and down in the cage. I couldn’t believe it.

Liz, who is volunteering for Drone Search and Rescue for Lost Dogs UK, received a response from Network Rail‘s passenger experience manager, Lorna Brown.

She said: “We do not have the resources to provide scanners to determine the identity of a dog found on the tracks, or to have a dedicated team deployed to search and recover missing animals.”

A Network Rail spokesman added: ‘We understand the distress caused and apologize for the delay.

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