Coal Miners Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Every year, Coal Miners Day is celebrated on May 4 for the toughest professionals and miners working in the coal fields. This day is observed as a recognition for the workers who sacrificed their lives, honored their achievements and remember the tragedies experienced by these hardworking people. So, on this day, several organizations and communities are raising funds to inform organizations in coal mining areas.

Coal is one of the basic forms of energy. It is one of the most important primary fossil fuels, rich in carbon. Miners put their lives at risk by digging tunnels, digging and extracting coal every day. Many miners face lung disease caused by inhaling coal dust all day. From this we can conclude that coal mining is one of the most dangerous professions. Half of India’s commercial energy needs are met by the coal industry. It is the fuel to produce energy, to make steel and cement.

History of Coal Miners in India and Abroad

Coal miners played an important role in the industrial revolution (between 1760 and 1840). During this period, coal was burned on a large scale to power stationary engines, locomotives and heat buildings. By the end of the 19th century, coal miners in many countries were involved in labor disputes with management and government.

Coal miners often had a fondness for far-left political views. Eventually, far-left political movements had the support of both coal miners and unions, especially in Britain. In contrast, French coal miners were much more conservative.

In India, coal mining began in 1774 when the East India Company exploited the Raniganj coal field along the west bank of the Damodar River. In 1853, steam locomotives increased the demand and production of coal. The coal-rich regions of India are Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and parts of central and southern parts of the country.

The unscientific mining practices adopted by some of them and the poor working conditions of the government in some of the private coal mines became matters of concern to the government and led it to nationalize the private coal mines.

Coal mining developments in India

Nowadays, mining areas, after exhaustion of coal reserves, offer good potential for promoting tourism by developing eco-parks, water sports sites, underground tours, golf courses, leisure avenues, adventure, bird watching, etc. Over the years, coal companies have developed more than 15 eco-parks by adopting sustainable mine closure practices. These mining sites are now stable, ecologically sustainable and present a very beautiful site aesthetically.

To meet the country’s growing demand for coal, international cooperation with advanced coal-producing countries is envisaged to:

  • Bring new technologies in underground and open-pit sectors for efficient management in the coal industry and skills development and training, etc.
  • Seeking bilateral funds for the import of equipment that is not manufactured in the country.
  • Provide foreign financial assistance to meet the investment requirement.
  • Developments in coal mines to reduce the effort of miners

The use of modern technology has helped miners reduce their effort and minimize dust generation when practicing wet drilling. More surface miners have minimized the need for drilling and blasting and the pollution load. And these projects have not only helped to minimize air pollution, but also resulted in a substantial reduction in the carbon footprint.

Even today, coal miners continue to work in an inherently toxic and unsanitary environment. They still go through health problems and a shorter lifespan than others.

Coal mining quotes that define the hardships of coal miners

Whenever you warm up in front of a hot coal stove, remember the coal miners in the cold, dark hallways and pray for them! -Mehmet Murat ldan

I think making a series is very hard work. But then I talked to some coal miners, and it really is hard work – William Shatner

Whenever a new disaster puts miners in the news, the press tries to make them heroes, but they don’t quite correspond to reality. They don’t go to war, run into burning buildings, or rid our streets of crime – Tawni O’Dell

Coal miners work hard and deserve our respect. They also deserve a governor who fights for policies that will give them a fair chance to support their families and move forward. This is exactly what I will deliver as governor. -Andy Beshear

Mining is a dangerous profession. There is no way to make a mine completely safe: these are the words owners have always used to excuse unnecessary deaths and the words miners use to prepare for them. -Tawni O’Dell

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