Channel your inner Lewis Hamilton on these go-kart tracks in India

With the 2022 F1 World Championship in full swing, there’s no better time than now to test your mettle and indulge your inner racer. And the best part is that you don’t need any experience or a driver’s license to engrave rubber. We have compiled a list of the best go-kart tracks in India frequented by professional racers and speed enthusiasts.

Whether you follow Formula 1, love adventure sports or want to spend the weekend with your friends, karting is a fun experience. Although in a league very different from F1 in terms of equipment and driving mechanics (among other factors), karting is considered the first step towards racing and has been the starting point for many professionals today. . In fact, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton both started their journey with sports. And with Indian professionals popularizing racing, several go-kart tracks have been set up in metropolitan cities, many of which also host national championships.

Pedal go-karts are cars with open wheels that come in different shapes and forms. Recreational models are different from professional, have developed carts that can go up to 260 km/h, but are a great way to experience racing regardless. So if you have a penchant for speed and an adrenaline rush, head to these tracks in the country.

Indulge your inner racer on these go-kart tracks in India

Erda Motor Circuit, Vadodara

A family-run circuit, Erda’s Speedway is the home base of Mira Erda, India’s first female free-wheel racer. This professional go-kart track in Vadodara is where the racer trains young women and aspiring racers, and the space also doubles as her own practice circuit. It has also hosted several competitions. Locals head there on weekends to try their hand at running, and if you plan, the space is also open for parties and other events. Be sure to call and register before heading here. The cost can go up to INR 300 for about five minutes.

Contact: +91 90999 22600

Meco Kartopia, Bangalore

The only professional level 3 track in the city, Meco Kartopia often hosts national kart championships. It has one of the longest professional karting tracks (1200 meters) in the country, with difficult hairpin turns and a smaller 600 meter track for recreational racing. The circuit is also believed to be the only one in India to be built to international standards. There is also a dirt go-kart track and several race training courses that often take place here, some lasting two days which are ideal for racing enthusiasts. Costs go up to INR 1335 for 10 minutes.

Contact: +91 99019 08789

Aruani Grid, Bangalore

Launched by Anitha Kholay, India’s first-ever rally driver to represent the country internationally in 2018, this go-kart track has become one of the most popular in the country. Located on the outskirts of the town of Dommasandra, the track is just over a kilometer long and is said to be the only twin track in town. There is also a restaurant, a pit and a raised podium here. The space is home to a racing academy, the Anitha Kholay Motorsports Academy and several beginner and intermediate training programs are held regularly for those wishing to learn the fundamentals. Prices can go up to INR 900 for 10 minutes.

Contact: +91 98441 43210

Ajmera IndiKarting, Bombay

Considered as the biggest, widest and fastest go-kart track in Mumbai, Ajmera IndiKarting has a 350-meter race track with challenging twists and turns. It also has a precision timing system. The state-of-the-art space is located in Wadala and is packed on weekends. The karts here are powered by Honda engines, and the level 1 karts go up to 30 km/h. Two-seater go-karts and buggies are also available for hire. The staff can guide you through the different levels and the space is perfect for events or birthday parties. Prices can go up to INR 900 for eight minutes.

Contact: +91 88601 00856

Smaaash, Mumbai

Said to be India’s first karting track located on the roof of a building, this track has smooth curves and hairpins, even boasting of an F1 simulator. This one-of-a-kind space features tracks that feature a high-tech spring-loaded barrier system, voted the best in safety. There are also electric karts here. Smaaash also hosts several go-kart competitions, and costs can go up to INR 700 for 10 minutes.

Contact: +91 1860 500 1929

Baffles Circuit, Hyderabad

Located next to the Leonia station, this go-kart track has a professional track of 1,200 meters and a recreational track of 600 meters. It’s fairly new and has slowly become the city’s favorite racing venue, having hosted several national events and being set to host international championships in the future. It would seem that the tracks here are designed in such a way that they can be changed at any time, which makes it challenging and fun for regular runners and professionals alike. Prices can go up to INR 1335 for 10 minutes.

Contact: +91 88855 00037

ECR Circuit, Chennai

Having hosted Redbull Kart Fight, this Chennai circuit is the best in town. It is run by the R-Factor Institute Of Motorsports and is a training ground for professionals. The tracks here go up to 630 meters, and you can choose from several different karts in space. The place is open all week and you can opt for different packages, with prices ranging up to INR 990 for 10 minutes.

Contact: +91 86210 99099

Karting F9, Gurgaon

Located in the DLF Galleria tower, this state-of-the-art go-kart track features a multi-level track and fun and challenging turns. Considered one of the most exciting tracks in the NCR region, F9 Go Karting offers a multitude of packages for festivals, corporate events and birthday parties. The staff can guide you through the different karts and offer complementary laps Monday through Thursday. Prices can go up to INR 931 for 34 spins.

Contact: +91 98180 48655

Kartomania, Gurgaon

Founded by Formula 4 driver Rohit Khanna, Kartomania aims to give racing fans a taste of professional motorsport and provide opportunities for future drivers. Built in a basement, the track here is 500 meters long and has around 16 difficult turns. There is a range of karts for all age groups and the indoor space has hosted several races including Redbull Kart Fight. The track is located in the basement of the Global Foyer Mall, and prices can go up to INR 600 for six minutes.

Contact: +91 124 453 1773

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