Central Railway launches live GPS tracking system for local trains

Image Courtesy: Central Railway (@Central_Railway)

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Bombay: Mumbaikars who commute using local trains can now check the live status of their trains on Central Railway’s mobile app. The GPS-enabled system which was launched on Wednesday enables live tracking of trains running on Central Railway (CR) lines using the Yatri mobile app.

For now, only the status of trains running on Central Railway lines can be checked. CR has completed GPS tagging of all its locomotives.

Central Railway has developed its official Yatri app with the help of a private company and provides details of passenger amenities at stations, real-time updated timetables and live train alerts.

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The app is being developed in phases and now includes the ability to provide real-time details about the bandwagon. Currently, commuters use the private M-indicator app to track local trains. It also has an authenticated timetable and local train details.

Photos showing the live demonstration of the Yatri app functionality updates were posted on Central Railway and Yatri’s Twitter account.

“Demonstration of Live Commuter Train Tracking in Yatri App. This app is helpful for daily commuters in suburbs to get train traffic information. Live location tracking will help commuters better plan their trip and to make it easier for them to travel,” Shri Anil Kumar Lahoti, the managing director of Central Railway said in a tweet.

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