Callum Davidson confirms Daniel Cleary will train with St Johnstone this week

Daniel Cleary will meet and train with St Johnstone this week.

And manager Callum Davidson confirmed yesterday that the 25-year-old Irish center-half is in line for a January start.

The former Liverpool youngster, more recently from Dundalk, arrives in Perth “hungry to do well”.

“Dan is here and he will be training with us this week,” Davidson said.

“It’s good to bring him here and have him meet guys. We want him to get going.

“He’s a good age, he’s got experience and he’s hungry to do well. He played in England and in big matches in Ireland, played in Europe and had victories there.

“Dan had other options with more money, but he wanted to come back to the UK to question himself.

“I really liked it about his place because he could have stayed home for a salary, but he is keen to push himself.

“He’s used to playing like we do and I see him as Jason Kerr, he plays the same way he does.

“I really like him, he’s very positive and he will be a good addition for us. It will add competition, it will be a challenge for people to keep their place.

“We will have to see where he is ahead of Livingston’s game, but he will certainly be ready for the Scottish Cup.”

Davidson, whose side sit at the bottom of the table, is gearing up for a major transfer window in January.

“We have to get things done early, by recruiting players who will not only add to the team but who will really improve it,” he said.

“It will be important to have the right type of player in the window, it can give everyone a boost and be a bit of a red flag.

“The character is going to be huge in the signings that we do. You have a roster of players and you go through it, maybe tagging a few that you think don’t have the mindset we’re looking for.

“We need the players to add quality to the squad, but they also need to be ready to fight and to fight because that is going to be important.

“When you’re in a position like ours, you need the right kind of character to get out of the situation we’re in. “

A huge date in Perth with the second bottom in Ross County is on the agenda for Wednesday night.

Davidson said: “Ross County has been doing well lately, they struggled more early in the season but are on a better run now.

“It will be a tough game, but it will be the same for all games by the end of the season.

“I’m expecting a reaction for Saturday. I knew Motherwell would put pressure on us because they’re a big, strong team.

“But I was disappointed with our reaction to the second balls. We expect to gain tackles and heads so it was disappointing that we didn’t. I don’t expect this to happen again.

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