British Transport Police: London Road, Salisbury, closed after train accident

London Road is now expected to remain closed until 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, according to the British Transport Police.

The road is closed to vehicles and pedestrians to help with the complex recovery operation after the Salisbury rail collision last weekend.

Network Rail announced plans to reopen the route “in both directions” on Tuesday morning.

The removal operation involved the removal of the trolleys by a 750 tonne crane.

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Last Sunday evening (October 31), two trains collided at a junction approaching the Fisherton Tunnel in the city.

The impact of the collision derailed the cars, derailing the two front cars of the London Waterloo service and the two rear cars of the Portsmouth train.

Following the collision, the two trains continued for some distance in the tunnel, before coming to a stop.

The two services carried a total of 92 passengers. There were no deaths.

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Network Rail tweeted apologizing for the disruption: “London Road will remain closed to pedestrians and vehicles until the morning of Tuesday 9 November when we plan to reopen the route in both directions.

“We know how important the reopening of the road is to the community, so we are sorry for the continued disruption.”

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