Britain’s largest miniature railway finally completed


An Englishman used the country’s pandemic lockdowns to build a colossal and painstakingly detailed railway model.

The aim was to recreate his childhood memories, and the result is amazing: it is the largest miniature railway in the UK.

As this train rolls through trees, houses and greenery, it could easily be mistaken for a typical English rail route.

But it’s actually an extravagant project that cost $ 344,000 and ended during containment.

Stretching 164 feet long, it is a recreation of the Calder Valley Line, a railway line in northern England.

Simon George spent some much-loved days of his youth with his friends watching trains.

Eight years ago, he decided to recreate this childhood memory.

“It was just a matter of not just making it big by making it really detailed. So it’s like a 3D photographic image of the real place.

But it is not ‘just’ a project – it has become the UK’s largest railway.

The details on the miniature railroad are remarkable – and Simon has even made figurines of himself and his friends watching trains that have been recreated from a photograph.

For him, the railroad has become an important way to keep in touch with his childhood.

“It was just a quirky way to relive my past,” he says.

The railroad uses three miles of model track and an astonishing eight miles of cable.

Simon went to great lengths to bring the 1980s back to the present.

Ford Escorts can be seen being transported and the iconic British Rail logo is stamped on the back of a railway figure.

It was his own way of getting through the long days of COVID-19 lockdown.

“During the lockdown, I was here ten hours a day because it allowed me to really crack with it,” says Simon.

And Simon’s determination has paid off – there are plans to bring him to showrooms across the country – and it will take no less than three trucks to do so.

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