Britain must double the number of doctors it trains | Letters

Your editorial is right to draw attention to the long-standing failure to fund enough training places for doctors and nurses (Guardian opinion on NHS repair: Ministers are the problem, 7 February).

Last year, 59% of new registrations on the General Medical Council register in England were formed by other countries, and this number continues to rise, underlining how far we are from fulfilling our commitment to the code of World Health Organization practice on international recruitment of health personnel to ensure an adequate national supply of health workers so that we stop undermining health systems in low- and middle-income countries by actively recruiting their valuable doctors and nurses on such an industrial scale.

The number of medical student training places in the UK is to double. This should not cost the treasury as much as expected, as the current putative costs are artificially fixed and do not reflect the actual expenses incurred in training students, whether in universities or in the health service.
Prof Rachel Jenkins
Former directorWHO Collaborating Centre, King’s College London 1997-2012

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