Avanti West Coast climate train named after national research

Avanti West Coast’s climate train will be known as “Opportunity” following a nationwide search for a proper name.

A contest was launched on social media last October after the train was wrapped in a unique design championing train travel as part of Avanti West Coast’s partnership with Eurostar to transport delegates attending the COP26 Conference on climate change between Amsterdam and Glasgow. Opportunity is wrapped in a unique design with slogans such as ‘Our planet means the world to us’ and ‘Ride against climate change’.

The successful name suggestion was put forward by 18-year-old Kyla Louise Poulton, while the competition to design Opportunity’s emblem design was won by Luca Fazakerley, 10, from Grassendale. Kyla said: “The name was an idea I had after talking to my friends. We knew the name of the Progress train so I wanted to find a name that was on a line similar to this so they would be related in one way or another.

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“I just thought about how I see the future of transport being altered by climate change and how trains represent an opportunity to provide low-emission transport services. It’s just very cool d ‘have your chosen name on a train because I use them so much.”

Luca added: “I couldn’t believe it when they told me I had won the competition. When I see the train on the line with my picture on it, I’ll be like, “I did that.” It’s mine.'”

The pair have each received their own replica nameplate and the original will be attached to the train in the coming weeks.

Avanti West Coast, Alstom and Angel Trains also recently signed an agreement to commit to working collaboratively to use Opportunity as a test train to continuously reduce the carbon impact of the Pendolino fleet and therefore the West Coast Main Line to provide a sustainable and safe service. , as well as an attractive transport route for passengers.

The announcement comes as Avanti West Coast hosts its Sustainability Week, which is designed to share stories internally and externally about the intercity operator’s efforts to make rail travel greener – acknowledging the initiatives that he has conducted over the past 12 months and how he plans to build on them. .

Gareth Williams, Head of Sustainability at Avanti West Coast, said: “Kyla couldn’t have chosen a more fitting name and Luca’s emblem is fantastic. Opportunity exemplifies our commitment to climate change and protecting our planet.

“As the train travels along the West Coast Main Line, it will constantly remind us that we can all do more to reduce our carbon emissions and a simple step could be to take the train, as a means of transport low carbon, to ride against climate change.

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