At least 1 dead as Russian missile attack destroys Ukrainian train station, official says

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Western sanctions against Russia were showing “effects that will only get worse every day”. However, the Chancellor stressed that cutting off Russia’s energy supply must be “manageable” for European countries.

The war in Ukraine “could be a longer dispute and so we have to face it together,” Scholz told a news conference alongside European Parliament President Roberta Metsola.

Scholz said Germany’s position on the European Union-wide ban on Russian energy imports has not changed.

“This also applies to many other [European] countries even more dependent [Russian] coal, oil and gas, even more than Germany,” he added.

“We have decided to become independent of gas and oil imports from Russia as soon as possible,” said the German leader, adding that “very intensive construction works and contracts” are needed to make Germany less dependent on Russian energy.

Metsola said: “Europe must become completely independent of [Russian energy].”

“We have to buy our energy from friends, not enemies, because in the end we are paying for this war every day,” she added.

“It is time to take the lead. We’re not just talking about the green agenda, looking at it from an environmental perspective, from a climate perspective, but we’re also seeing it from a security perspective,” Metsola continued.

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