Asian Cup 2022: Short-term focus on building on Bangladesh’s strengths

Bangladesh T20’s new technical director, Sridharan Sriram spoke on Thursday on what needs to be done by the Bangladesh cricket team to be successful. He highlighted what needs to be done at the professional level. Bangladesh were completely outplayed on the Zimbabwe tour where they lost both series.

He took over the reins from Russell Domingo as earlier the team lost to Zimbabwe in the T20I series. BCB fired Russell Domingo from T20I Setup and told him to focus on ODIs and testing. Bangladesh had received a lot of criticism as there was no batting intent where they were unable to chase 10 runs per over.

Sriram’s first media interaction

I think it’s very simple and I’m very clear about my role here, probably bringing the resources. We have very good skill coaches and I have complete confidence in what they do. My job is basically to work with the captain, work with the team manager and bring the skill coaches together, bring the three components together and use my T20 experience from IPL and Australia, and bring some strategy where we can use our resources properly. So I’m very clear about my role and I’m not saying that I’m leading the team, I’m just trying to collaboratesaid Sridharan Sriram.

Sridharan Sriram for RCB. Photo-Twitter

Coming into a culture like Bangladesh, I understand the upbringing and I understand the way they approach the game, and at the same time I can bring that professionalism and expectation. I can really set clear expectations of what is required at this level from a professional perspective. So I think it’s a good combination and I’m looking forward to it,” he said, adding that he was not ready to accept Bangladesh being a weak team in T20.

“I come in with fresh eyes. I was looking at that stat when – taking wickets we were on average one of the best in the world at getting the first three wickets and when it comes to the first five wickets we’re probably one of the best in the world, so Bangladesh has done a lot of things right.

“It’s not about what they didn’t do well, it’s about stepping back, what they’re doing well and making the most of it. I’ll focus in a short period of time about their strength and what they do really well and building those strengths.

Sriram on Shakib al Hasan

“It’s a fantastic decision to have Shakib as captain and I interacted with him for the first time. I respected him as an opponent and it’s so heartwarming to see his perspective on the T20 game. It’s so modern, it was so refreshing and we were on the same page. The dynamic he has with the younger group is so amazing and the youngster looks up to him, he respects him but he’s also very accessible, which is kind of a very unique combination. It’s a very good dynamic between the captain and the team, and I think it will be a very positive and refreshing decision for Bangladesh. he said, adding that they will soon get used to the heat in the UAE which turned out to be the talking point ahead of the Asian Cup.

Shakib Al Hasan (Image credit: Twitter)
Shakib Al Hasan (Image credit: Twitter)

“It’s our first outdoor training session and we’re stepping in. We were literally out on the town, and this is really the first practice session. It’s a weird time of day when we train, we don’t really train between 9am and 11am very often and so we’ll start with the pace and increase the intensity slowly. We still have three sessions and two sessions between four and six so it’s a good mix and match to tie into the heat,he concluded.

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