Adult streams are an unfortunate victim of AT&T layoffs

While live broadcasts have been booming during the pandemic, AT&T layoffs will result in the end of their own live broadcast network, Adult Swim.

The staff for Adult swimmingLive broadcast programs reportedly scrapped in light of AT&T recent layoffs, according to a statement made by comedian Ben O’Brien on a separate stream. O’Brien is a member of the Wham City collective, which developed the Adult Swim live broadcast program. Fanfiction clash.

Fishcenter Live is the only show remaining on Adult Swim’s live broadcast schedule, with its final stream scheduled for Wednesday, November 25 at its usual time at 4 p.m. ET. Most of the other shows listed on the Adult Swim live streaming website appear to have aired their final segments in the past two weeks.

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Adult Swim launched live simulcasts on its own mobile app and website to pay TV subscribers in 2013, but it quickly opened up free programming consisting of exclusive originals online. Unlike the Adult Swim TV shows, many of these shows were broadcast live with a chat room, making these streams an immersive experience for their audiences.

The programming that was available on the service was truly Adult Swim in its philosophy, its InfoWars parody Truthpoint: Darkweb Rising, all the way to Before Toonami’s flight, who explored Toonami in depth. Several of these shows were also notable for their use of direct audience engagement; programs such as Blood festival viewers solved the weekly New York Times crossword with online chat, while Development meeting let viewers come up with their own ideas for adult swimming programs.

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The chaotic nature of these programs, coupled with their charismatic hosts, pushed the boundaries of what could be done with a live broadcast format. Several of these programs have also been running for years, with Blood festival receive two television coverage, Tender touches and Gemusetto.

So why is AT&T ending live programming on Adult Swim? Neither Adult Swim nor AT&T have released a statement on the current situation, but the decision comes at a curious time. As the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected many areas of the entertainment industry, livestreams have been booming in popularity since the start of the closure. The live streaming industry has also been on the rise in recent years, with The edge report a 12% growth between 2018 and 2019.

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While the company doesn’t seem to be interested in live content at this time, it remains extremely interested in streaming. The launch of HBO Max breath analyst predictions out of the water and the amount of programming it is expected that the host will probably increase in the future. This investment will likely benefit AT&T, which now has enough content to compete with its biggest competitor, Disney.

Nonetheless, the decision to end these live shows without notice is concerning as it impacts fans’ ability to interact directly with content on Adult Swim. This shift in audience engagement is particularly concerning for a programming block like Adult Swim, which has pushed the boundaries of late-night television since its inception. It’s also a symptom of larger changes to Adult Swim, which recently old retired episodes from the above Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Boondocks.

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Adult Swim’s nighttime programming enabled groundbreaking programs such as Space Ghost: coast to coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force to thrive during his formative years. The block was also responsible for expanding the popularity of the anime in the United States, while frequent reruns of Futurama and Family guy helped revive these two programs.

These types of changes hurt the spirit of Adult Swim, which has maintained its relevance for more than two decades through its forward-thinking approaches to entertainment, especially in an era when scheduled programming is underway. gradually disappeared. If AT&T is to keep adult swimming innovative, it must look for new ways to engage with its audience.

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