ABB charging station has 360 kW for trucks and cars


ABB unveiled the Terra 360, a new charging station for electric vehicles with a maximum power of 360 kW that can charge up to four vehicles simultaneously.

According to the Swiss-Swedish company, the Terra 360 “enables the fastest charging process on the market”. ABB says the ultra-fast charging station can deliver 100 km of range in less than three minutes.

The new charging station has a modular design and uses dynamic energy distribution so that it can charge four vehicles at the same time. With 360 kW, the station is also suitable for vans and truck fleets, making it ideal for commercial premises as well as public charging stations and shopping centers. The station is also wheelchair accessible and ABB says the device requires minimal effort to plug in quickly thanks to an ergonomic cable management system.

As usual with charging stations, Terra 360 chargers are fully customizable so that entities operating the stations can put their mark on the stations with different sheets or by selecting a specific color scheme for the LED light strips. Advertising is also possible on the station, with an option to include a built-in 27-inch screen for images and video.

The Terra 360 will be available in Europe from the end of 2021, and in regions of the United States, Latin America and Asia-Pacific in 2022.

It was not until April that ABB presented the third generation of its Terra HP (High Power) fast charging station. The further development of the second generation Terra HP, which to date has more than 2,500 installations, can charge one electric car up to 350 kW and 500 A or two vehicles at the same time with up to 175 kW and 375 A. Visually, the Gen III looks like the second generation. With its LED lights in the recess, the nearly 2.50 meter high column is designed to make it easier to find the charging station in a large car park and illuminate the charging station at night.

ABB is arguably one of the largest companies internationally when it comes to electric vehicle charging needs. The electronics and engineering company is 130 years old and entered the electromobility market quickly and decisively in 2010. In the meantime, the Swiss-Swedish company manufactures charging systems for cars. electrics, vans, buses, trains, trucks, port logistics vehicles, yachts and ferries around the world and is developing hydrogen fuel cell technology for larger ships. The company employs around 105,000 employees in more than 100 countries and is also involved in innovation in the Formula E world championships in electric car racing, as well as in wireless charging projects for on-board moving vehicles. in the roads.


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