A new rail pass to offer domestic tourists cheaper travel for the holidays


UK holidaymakers are urged to consider traveling by train for their next stay with the introduction of a new rail pass.

As part of the government’s tourism stimulus plan to help the sector recover from the pandemic lockdowns that have crippled the industry, there will be several initiatives to push people to spend vacations closer to home.

As 2Chill reports, a rail pass for restaurateurs will be launched later this year, helping to make it easier and more sustainable for domestic tourists to travel around the country.

It will be similar to the BritRail pass for international visitors, which offers flexible travel as well as discounted entry to tourist attractions.

The news came a week after the Office of Rail and Road, the regulator for train travel, revealed that passenger numbers on UK railways in 2020/21 had bottomed out. for at least 150 years.

New rail pass launched for UK staycationers

Only 388 million trips were made in the 12 months leading up to the end of March, as the coronavirus pandemic saw travel demand plummet. This was just 22% of the previous year’s $ 1.739 billion total and the lowest annual figure since 1872.

Passenger revenue in 2020/21 totaled £ 1.9bn, just 18% of the £ 10.4bn figure generated 12 months earlier.

The plan will also offer vouchers for popular tourist attractions as part of efforts to bring domestic tourism back to pre-pandemic levels by 2022.

A £ 10million vouchers program will be launched by the National Lottery this fall to encourage travel beyond the peak summer season, with players having the opportunity to claim vouchers to be redeemed at tourist attractions across the Kingdom United between September 2021 and March 2022.

There will also be investments in sustainable travel, which will examine other measures to reduce the impact of tourism on the environment while balancing the needs of local communities with the economic benefits generated by tourism.

Funding will be provided to complete the England Coast Path – the longest of its kind in the world – and a £ 1 billion investment in electric vehicle charging stations at gas stations.

Before the pandemic, England was expected to reach 100 million overnight domestic trips by 2020. To encourage visitors to return, £ 19 million has been set aside for marketing campaigns to promote towns and villages across the country .

The government will also launch a consultation on the introduction of a tourist accommodation registration program in England. This will examine the benefits of increasing short-term vacation rentals in attracting tourists to destinations across the country and contributing to the English tourism economy, as well as its impact on local economies and communities.

People at Waterloo <a class=station in London” content=”https://i2-prod.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/incoming/article15926329.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/1_Rail-trespasser.jpg”/>
Waterloo station in London

Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston MP said: “Our successful tourism sector is one of our country’s greatest assets, making a huge contribution to our economy and creating jobs in all communities.

“The tourism stimulus package is our plan for how the sector can better rebuild itself after the pandemic, even faster than expected. It has been a difficult year for the tourism sector, especially for our cities, but I know they are ready to welcome visitors again and I encourage everyone to rediscover the fantastic tourism offer the UK has to offer.

VisitBritain / VisitEngland President Lord Patrick McLoughlin said: “Tourism is a vital industry, a driver of innovation, creativity and employment, pumping money into the economy with a track record of growth and upgrade, supporting local economies in all parts of the UK. and strengthen our place on the world stage.

“By working together to stimulate demand and replenish visitor spending as quickly as possible, we can emerge from the pandemic and also envision a brighter future by building a more resilient, sustainable, inclusive and innovative industry.”

Kate Nicholls, Managing Director of Industry Group UK Hospitality, said: “The Tourism Recovery Plan is an extremely positive and welcome recognition of the social, economic and cultural importance of the hospitality and tourism sector. It is not only our third largest contributor to exports, but also nationally, creating jobs, growth and investment at a pace and on a scale in communities across the UK.


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