5 essentials of the new community space at Bukit Timah station

And you might end up walking on the same ground where 53-year-old Rama Venkta once studied for his Primary Leaving Examination (PSLE).

The director of the Land Transport Authority and his father, V Vijayaragavan, who was station master at Bukit Timah station from around 1979 to 1983, were present at the station’s reopening to relive their memories.

They only saw their former home in its renovated state on Friday for the first time, although Mr Rama said he would try to take a look at the site each time he visited the Rail Corridor before the end of the restoration work on his childhood home.

Mr Rama, who started living in the staff quarters aged 10, added that “rail blood” runs in his family as his grandfather also worked on the tracks in Malaysia.

“Dad used to work on this side (the station building), because our house was right in front. Can you imagine an office where your house is right in front? So dad was always there from one some way,” he recalls.

“Today, after watching all of this…how it’s been turned into a café and a mini-museum…it brings back wonderful memories, because I can walk around and say, ‘Hey, I lived in this room, I stayed in this place, I used this toilet.'”

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